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  • Jets vs Redskins Game Thread
    by MacGregor Wells on November 17, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images It’s week 11 of the 2019 NFL season and the New York Jets are on the road in Washington, D.C. to take on the Washington Redskins. Last week the Jets squared off against a bad NFC East team with a struggling rookie quarterback and emerged victorious. Could this week’s matchup against another bad NFC East team with a struggling rookie quarterback produce the first Jets winning streak in what feels like forever? The Redskins have collapsed this season. Their head coach has been fired and their starting quarterback has been replaced by rookie Dwayne Haskins, who will be making his second career start against the Jets this week. The Radskins passing game has been unfathomably bad, averaging about 110 passing yards per game over the last six weeks. Since Jay Gruden was replaced as head coach by Bill Callahan, the Redskins have reverted to a stone age offense, pounding the rock to excess and passing only when absolutely necessary. That offensive philosophy should set up a nice matchup for the Jets against a Jets defense that stops the run as well as any team in the NFL. If the Jets can somehow manage to protect Sam Darnold against a pretty good Redskins defensive line the Jets should stand a good chance of coming out of this game with a victory. It’s the 2-7 Jets and the 1-8 Redskins in what shapes up as one of the least appealing NFL matchups this week. Please leave your comments in the section cleverly marked “comments” below. Enjoy the game everybody.

  • Jets vs. Redskins and Week 11 on TV
    by John B on November 17, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports CBS has a doubleheader today while FOX will show a single game to each region. If you live in the New York area, you will see: Jets at Redskins early on FOX Texans at Ravens early on CBS Patriots at Eagles late on CBS .............................. Kickoff between the Jets and Washington is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Kenny Albert and Ronde Barber return to call this game on FOX. This is the second straight Jets game they will call. As one might expect for a game where the teams have 3 combined wins, the broadcast footprint for this game will be minuscule. Outside of the New York, markets carrying this game are essentially, Albany, Washington D.C. and markets originating within the state of Virginia. To see which games will be shown in your area, you can check out The entire nation will see Bears at Rams tonight on NBC and Chiefs vs. Chargers from Mexico City tomorrow night on ESPN.

  • Jets vs. Redskins: Five Bold Predictions
    by JG88 on November 17, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports Well, the Jets won last week. Normally this would be cause for celebration, but the news that Adam Gase will be retained is much more demoralizing than a victory against our crosstown rivals. In a game that mostly boils down to a race to the bottom, the Jets are actually favored to win for a change so we’ve got a chance to go bold again. Disclaimer: Bold Predictions are not realistic expectations for the game, but rather something that is unlikely to happen, yet possible. These predictions are both pro-Jets and stretch the boundaries of probability. Claiming that Sam Darnold throws a touchdown pass is not a Bold Prediction, nor is claiming that Sam Darnold throws 20 touchdown passes. These predictions must be within the bounds of possibility, but also highly improbable. As always, the final score prediction remains a realistic guess at the result of the game and does not relate to the Bold Predictions. Here are my five bold predictions for today’s game: Sam Darnold posts a perfect passer rating. Two Jets rushers go for over 100 yards. The Jets account for over 500 yards of total offense. No Redskins player gains over 50 yards from scrimmage. The Jets have no turnovers. Final Score: Jets 17, Redskins 13 And a bonus prediction: The announcers don’t mention any controversy around the Redskins name.

  • New York Jets Flight Connections 11/17/19
    by MacGregor Wells on November 17, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports Good morning, Gang Green Nation! It’s game day. The struggling Jets face off against the struggling Washington Redskins in a sad matchup in our nation’s capital. The Jets face rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins in just his second career start, a matchup which should favor the Jets. On the flip side, the Jets will have to find a way for their depleted offensive line to keep a good Redskins defensive line off of Sam Darnold. This game won’t go down as an NFL classic, but it could be an interesting game between two equally struggling teams. Here are your links to the Jets this glorious Sunday in November: Kristian Dyer - Jets Not Ready to Tank Yet Bob Glauber - Jets hope GM Joe Douglas can give coach Adam Gase more talent Brian Costello - Sam Darnold's voice is growing louder within Jets Eric Allen - How Can Jets Defense Take Advantage of Redskins Rookie QB Dwayne Haskins? Manish Mehta - The Jets have a dominant run defense Brian Costello - Jets vs. Redskins: Adam Gase's first shot to prove NYJ right Olivia Landis - Le'Veon Bell Is Focused on Wins, Not Stats Randy Lange - Inside the Numbers: Don't Forget Robby Anderson's Penalties Caused Brian Costello - Ryan Kalil has season end in another Jets disaster Manish Mehta - The Ryan Kalil Experiment is officially over. Justin Fried - New York Jets: The Ryan Kalil experiment has officially come to an end Ethan Greenberg - Jets Lucky To Have Ryan Griffin Tyler Greenawalt - Jets vs. Redskins: Keys to New York’s offense Paul A. Esden Jr. - New York Jets defense is licking its chops ahead of Dwayne Haskins matchup Ren Clayton - Leo Koloamatangi upgraded to New York Jets active roster Here are your missed connections from yesterday. Here’s the thread about nothing, why not stop by and say hello? Enjoy the weekend everybody.

  • Jets vs Redskins: Five Questions With Hogs Haven
    by MacGregor Wells on November 17, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images The New York Jets take on the Washington Redskins in Washington, D.C. this Sunday. Previewing this matchup, Andrew York over at Hogs Haven was kind enough to answer a few questions for me regarding the 2019 Redskins. 1. The Redskins have seemingly hit rock bottom this year. The team has not been great for a long time, but up until this year the Redskins were at least competitive. What have been the primary causes of the team declining so drastically this year? The simple answers are: QB and coaching, along with a bit of missing perennial Pro Bowl LT Trent Williams. In terms of QB, the last time the Redskins had a season similar to how this one is shaping up was back in 2014, when we went 4-12. That was the very first year of Jay Gruden’s tenure here, and a year he was forced by ownership to start Robert Griffin III, who was a poor fit as a pocket passer in Jay’s offense and has since failed to succeed as an NFL starter. Though we could see signs of this happening last year, when we went 6-3 with Alex Smith as starting QB, but 1-6 after he went down with injury. Simply put: QB is the most important position and none of ours are very good right now, though we’re hoping Haskins has a lot of ability to grow. In terms of coaching, something has been wrong this year. Some people think this was Jay Gruden’s “f*** you” tour, that he was fed up as a head coach and just phoning it in this year. I personally don’t think he had given up as a head coach, but he has proven poor at adapting his scheme to his personnel in the past, and this year may have required more adapting than any previous year. Whatever the case, both the offense and defense have regressed this year, and at least some of it has to be due to coaching. And Trent Williams deserves a mention here too. Without getting too side-trekked into the details of his recent holdout, he has been one of the NFL’s best LTs since being drafted, and LT is probably the second most important position on the team. Losing him to a holdout has undoubtedly played a role in the team’s regression. This is the first year the team has been entirely without him since he was drafted in 2010. We certainly didn’t have a highly capable backup already on the roster, and were forced to sign aging veteran Donald Penn to fill this role late in the offseason. Penn has been serviceable as a replacement, but the dropoff from Trent has been obvious and has not helped our QBs or running game to shine. 2. The Redskins struggles resulted in the team firing head coach Jay Gruden mid season and replacing him with interim head coach Bill Callahan. What are your early impressions of Callahan as a head coach, and who do you think will be the head coach in 2020? There are a few things that have improved with Callahan replacing Jay, but he is not worthy of a full time head coaching position. Jay was notorious for running soft practices and being a “players’ coach”. Callahan is the opposite, he’s an old-school disciplinarian who has the players running wind sprints at the end of practice to improve conditioning. Callahan has also committed to the run game, where Jay would often abandon it when down by two scores. Callahan has also introduced more self-scouting into practice. He has asked college referees to attend our practices and call penalties, which has actually resulted in fewer penalties in games (the Redskins were one of the NFL’s most penalized teams earlier in the season). He has also asked the team’s pro scouts to watch our games and give feedback on the Redskins player performances they see. However, the results are still not much better than under Jay. Callahan seems unimaginative as a game planner and hasn’t inspired the players to do much better than under Jay. His run-heavy offense is one of the most anemic in the NFL, and Callahan hasn’t seemed to improve anything on the defensive side of the ball. It’s impossible to predict who will be head coach next year, but it shouldn’t be anyone currently on the staff. My ideal head coach hire would be Gary Kubiak (if we can convince him to be a head coach again). I don’t like many of the other offensive coaching options, but Colts DC Matt Eberflus and 49ers DC Robert Saleh would also be on my short list of head coach candidates. Some have also linked Todd Bowles as a possible head coach candidate for the Redskins due to his close ties with Redskins Senior VP Doug Williams and the fact that former head coach Joe Gibbs seems to hold him in high regard (owner Dan Snyder still consults with Gibbs often). Snyder reportedly tried to trade for Mike Tomlin shortly after Jay Gruden was fired, but it seems the Steelers weren’t interested in his offer. 3. After drafting quarterback Dwayne Haskins in the first round this year, the Redskins brought him along slowly this year. Haskins got his first start on November 3 in a loss against the Buffalo Bills. With the caveat that it is still very early, what are your impressions of Haskins? How has he looked in limited action? What are his strengths and weaknesses, and are you confident he can develop into a franchise quarterback? I’ll start by saying that the Redskins have preached patience with Haskins ever since drafting him. It was understood that he was a very raw (but talented) NFL prospect given that he only started 1 year in college. There are many nuances of the position that he is still learning. His footwork needs improvement, leading to the occasional errant throw. He has struggled even calling plays at the line of scrimmage, sometimes not getting the cadence right and provoking a false start by the offensive line. Several of the free rushers in the Redskins backfield have been due to Haskins missing blitzes and calling poor protections at the line. And Haskins has been slow to read the field and often doesn’t see wide open receivers. He also takes too many hits when he should just throw the ball away. That being said, Haskins has noticeably improved in all of these areas over the course of the preseason and regular season. In addition, he has a cannon for an arm and can deliver touch passes to all areas of the field. Based on what I’ve seen in interviews and heard from team sources, he also seems to have a lot of the intangibles (leadership, work ethic, intelligence) that a QB needs. He hasn’t looked like an NFL starter so far, but he has the tools and has shown enough improvement that fans are not ready to give up on him. Although I am nowhere near confident that he can develop into a franchise QB, I’d be willing to give him this season and next season to try. The upside is certainly there, he is just unproven and raw in virtually every aspect of QB play. 4. Speaking of quarterbacks, what has happened to the Redskins passing game? After performing well enough the first couple of weeks of the season, the passing offense has disappeared, averaging about 110 yards per game over the last six weeks. That is unfathomably unproductive. What is causing such a drastic fall off in the passing game? The passing offense this year has only looked good with Case Keenum as the QB. Case Keenum actually started out somewhat hot at the beginning of the year, but his performance really dropped off as he dealt with an increasing number of injuries (he has reportedly dealt with hand and foot injuries, as well as a concussion that kept him sidelined multiple games) and teams started to figure him out (he decides too much pre-snap, and telegraphs where he wants to throw the ball). The biggest reason the passing offense has looked anemic recently is that Dwayne Haskins is the starting QB. In addition to the weaknesses I enumerated earlier, the Redskins run a restricted playbook for him that is limited to plays with which he is more comfortable. That has resulted in a run-heavy approach that isn’t very common in the modern NFL. 5. This week’s game between the 2-7 Jets and the 1-8 Redskins isn’t exactly an NFL classic. What’s your prediction for this game? Who wins, and why? I think the Jets will win, mainly because it’s hard for me to believe the Redskins can win at this point. I want to say it will be a low-scoring game, but I said that earlier about the Bills and they blew us out. Either way, I think the Redskins offense will play a bigger role in determining the type of game than their defense. If the offense can put together drives, convert with passes on 3rd down, and actually score touchdowns in the red zone, it should be a close game. If the offense continues to go 4-and-out all the time, put the defense in a tough spot with poor field position and time of possession, and look anemic in the red zone (we’ve gone 3 games without a TD), then this will be a 1-sided game. On the other side of the ball, I think the Redskins defense will bring a lot of pressure on the Jets offense. The Jets OL hasn’t done a good job of keeping their QB clean so far this year, and the Redskins have 4 first round picks in their front 5 on defense. I expect the Redskins defense to win the battle up front, stopping the run and bringing a lot of pressure on Darnold without needing to blitz. That being said, the Jets can defeat this if they game plan well. The Redskins LBs have been terrible in coverage this year, so passes to RBs will succeed. I also expect former Redskin Jamison Crowder to have a good game against us, as we’ve been weak defending the slot. If the Jets commit to a short passing game and runs outside, I think they’ll do well.


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