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  • Raiders sign linebacker Dakota Allen off Rams practice squad
    by Levi Damien on September 24, 2019 at 3:28 am

    Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images The same day Gruden said the Raiders would be bringing in linebackers to work out for the team Surprise! They apparently already did because they’re signing one. They’re adding rookie linebacker Dakota Allen off the Rams practice squad according to multiple reports. The Raiders have signed LB Dakota Allen off the Rams practice squad, sources tell me and @PGutierrezESPN.— Lindsey Thiry (@LindseyThiry) September 24, 2019 Allen was a seventh round pick by the Rams last April out of Texas Tech. He had 249 combined tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, and 4 interceptions in three seasons with the Red Raiders. His claim to fame is he is the first player ever featured on Last Chance U to be drafted by an NFL team. He now becomes the second player the Raiders have brought in from the show. They signed undrafted free agent Ronald Ollie this offseason and then cut him on the second day of camp. ironically, that short stint was captured by the Hard Knocks cameras. This may not be the only linebacker the Raiders add to the roster, although it would appear Brandon Marshall will not be one of them. They brought in the veteran linebacker this offseason and cut him at the deadline. Upon hearing the news, Marshall tweeted “I can’t catch a break” in response. Follow @LeviDamien

  • Gabe Jackson will not be back this week, on schedule to return next week
    by Levi Damien on September 23, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images Sometimes timetables are bang on accurate. When Gabe Jackson went down with a torn MCL six weeks ago, his timetable for return was set at week five. There was some thought that maybe with his progress from the injury he might be able to return a week earlier, but that will not happen. “I don’t think he’ll practice,” Gruden said of Jackson’s status this week as the team prepares for the Colts. “I think he’s continuing to make huge strides. Wednesday we’ll get an evaluation from [Head trainer H] Rod [Martin] and perhaps next week prior to the Bears game he can start practicing, but he’s getting very close.” Over the first two games it was Denzelle Good who stepped in at right guard for Jackson, but with Good suffereing an ankle injury in practice Friday, it was Jordan Devey who moved over to right guard after having started the first two games at left guard. Should Good still not be full go, or if Gruden liked what Devey did at the spot better, he will start again this Sunday in Indianapolis. Jackson will travel with the team to Indianapolis as they will be heading straight from there to London to spend the week there preparing to face the Bears. If Jackson is able to return for that game, and providing Trent Brown can return full from his ankle and knee injuries, the Raiders would have their full starting offensive line for the first time this season “We’re anxious to get Gabe back as our right guard,” Gruden continued. “Incognito had some good moments yesterday for his first appearance in over a year. But when we can get our guards back and be at full strength up front, hopefully Trent’s ready to go, we’ll really like our line.” They will need to be full strength against a stout Chicago defensive front. Follow @LeviDamien

  • Gruden ‘concerned to say the least’ about injuries at LB, Raiders will bring in some this week
    by Levi Damien on September 23, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images Many questioned the Raiders final 53-man roster having just four linebackers on it. With the re-signing of Kyle Wilber, that number was back to five. That is still not a lot of linebackers and Sunday it bit the Raiders in the butt. Vontaze Burfict came into the game with nagging injuries to his shoulder and his knee. Then he suffered another injury to his elbow in the game, so he’s banged up to say the least. During the game, Maquel Lee suffered an ankle injury that could be more than just banged up. Nicholas Morrow also hurt his ankle. And suddenly the only two healthy linebackers the Raiders had were Tahir Whitehead and Kyle Wilber. It’s really no wonder the Vikings were gouging the Raiders defense on the ground the whole game. “Yeah, you get worried when you have three of your linebacker come out of the game,” Gruden said. “Yeah, I’m concerned to say the least, but Mike Mayock and the staff are working hard to come up a contingency plan if we need to find a linebacker.” The first step in that contingency plan will be bringing in some free agent linebackers for a workout, Gruden added. He noted that there is still a chance a couple of the banged up linebackers on the team will be able to play next Sunday in Indianapolis. There is currently one linebacker on the team’s practice squad. His name is Justin Phillips. He is an undrafted rookie out of Oklahoma State. You’d have to think Jason Cabinda would be a great option to fill in on short notice. He spent all last season with the team, appearing in ten games and starting three. He spent all offseason and training camp with the team and was waived in the final roster cuts, so he knows the defense fairly well. Follow @LeviDamien

  • It’s not so much that the Raiders lost the last two games but HOW they lost them that’s a problem
    by Levi Damien on September 23, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports We’re not talking moral victories here. The idea that you can lose a game and still win. But we are talking about demoralizing losses. The Raiders are coming off two such games and it has Raiders fans feeling pretty piss poor about the prospects of this team this season. Let’s be real, here. No one really expected the Raiders to beat the Chiefs and the Vikings. There was certainly a lot of hope out there from Raider Nation, but these are two really good teams the Raiders were facing. They are well-oiled machines. The Raiders are rebuilding and these things take time. What you did expect was for them to put up a fight. What you did expect was to see an improved team from the product they put on the field last season. That’s not what we got. If anything, they may look worse, which was hard to fathom coming in being that we’re talking about a 4-12 club with an historically bad defense and a clunky offense. The season opener against the Broncos was closer to the type of football most expected and/or hoped to see from the 2019 Raiders. They looked efficient and polished on offense and good enough on defense to beat visiting Broncos 24-16. The Broncos are now sitting at 0-3 on the season, which is also pretty much what most expected (unless you were to check over at Mile High Report which (haha) I swear to God (haha) had every single (haha) staff writer picking the Broncos to beat the Raiders. Those guys, man. I tell ya. Mile High indeed. Anyway, the Raiders seemed to carry that momentum over to the first quarter of the Chiefs game, starting out the contest with a 10-0 lead. That’s where it all ended. Quite abruptly in fact. Five quarters into the season and the wheels fell off, spun off a cliff, and burst into flames. The last seven quarters has been an outright travesty. The Raiders scored a touchdown against the Chiefs with 4:40 remaining in the first quarter to go up 10-0. The Chiefs scored the next 28 points to win 28-10. At the final two-minute warning of the game in Minnesota, the Vikings were up 34-7 over the Raiders. That means in the equivalent of 7 quarters of football, the Raiders were outscored 62-7! They would add a garbage touchdown in the final seconds in Minnesota to make the final score 34-14. Prior to that garbage time touchdown drive, there were 17 drives by the Raiders offense in those 7 quarters. They looked like this: PuntPuntPuntPuntEnd of halfINTINTPuntPuntPuntPuntINTTDPuntPuntDownsMissed FG One of these things is not like the others. The touchdown. And that touchdown was scored on a trick play off a good old fashioned flea flicker that fooled outside linebacker Eric Wilson just enough to get him to flinch and leave JJ Nelson wide open for the score. Also after Derek Carr went untouched in the opener, he has since been sacked seven times. He looks antsy and his mechanics have gone out the window. His interception against the Vikings was all him. He had no pressure, the ball wasn’t tipped, his receiver didn’t run into a defender. Nothing. He simply overthrew Foster Moreau and was picked off. He had three such overthrows in the game. All the poise he showed in the opener has disappeared. As for the defense giving up 62 points, it started with the Chiefs putting up four touchdowns in one quarter last week. The Chiefs were looking literally unstoppable. And when you know you can take what you want, you can afford to sit back and see if the other team’s offense can respond. They couldn’t, so those 28 points were more than enough. Kirk Cousins is no Patrick Mahomes, but he still managed to lead his team down the field for a game opening touchdown drive and touchdown pass to cap it. The Vikings drive chart looked like this: TDPuntTDTDPuntEnd of halfTDField goalField goalEnd game Two punts to five scores is truly pathetic. The pass rush that put up 5.0 sacks in the first two games didn’t sack Kirk Cousins once. Oh, and by the way, the Raiders have yet to make an interception this season. They have forced one turnover this season (forced fumble), tied for the second worst in the NFL. The only team with fewer turnovers? The team the Raiders beat in the opener — the Broncos. We’re just three games into the season. Thus far the Raiders have beaten the team they were expected to beat and lost to the two teams they were expected to lose to, so it may not be time to hit the panic button just yet. The manner in which the Raiders have lost no doubt stings and the team being as banged up as it is so early on doesn’t help either. But there’s a lot of football still to be played. Maybe they’ll find something and start to show up. If they’d shown any sign of it the past seven quarters there’d be more reason to believe they can turn it on. As it stands, that’s a tough sell. The 2-1 Colts await in Indianapolis next. Follow @LeviDamien

  • The Morning After: Raiders at Vikings
    by Marcus Allen Krause on September 23, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images What do you say after a horrible game like that? I mean really, right now there is a reaction article that needs to be written somewhere (here, this is the reaction article that needs to be written) and there is just nothing left to say after a game like the Raiders put out there yesterday. Let’s try anyway, even if it does seem futile after so many putrid games like this over the last almost two decades. Is this curse ever going to be lifted? For one bright shining season it had looked like the dark days were finally over and the Raiders long devastating era of emptiness was finally at it’s close. Derek Carr was the real deal, the team was on fire, and it all came crumbling down on the eve of Christmas day back in 2016. With the devastating crunch of Carr’s broken leg, gone was the brief hope along with Raider Nation’s dreams of being relevant again. The funny thing is, the Raiders are sitting at just 1-2 right now! It shouldn’t feel this inevitable of another completely lost season but the telltale signs of ineptitude once again are at the forefront of the product on the field. Derek Carr was awful again despite his misleading stat line, the running game worked but the Raiders were too far behind to be able to use it much, the defense couldn’t stop a toddler on a tricycle and everything sucks. However, it comes right back to being 1-2 and having an entire season practically still to go. This season feels lost already but it really isn’t. Not yet anyway. If the Raiders can turn around and play a good game against the Colts again like they did against the Broncos in week 1 they could be sitting at 2-2 on the year just like that. Ironically, the Colts were the team the Raiders were playing against when Derek Carr’s leg did it’s best impression of a broken wishbone. Wouldn’t that type of cosmic symmetry just be so awesome though? Turn this season back around against the very team that ended the only good season the Raiders have had in the last 18 years? Goosebumps. Please fates make this happen! There needs to be some sort of miracle here, because Derek Carr again put the game on his back and had the weight flatten him like a pancake. The Raiders can compete when things are going ok for them, but the second the game gets hairy and the pressure is on this team just simply falls apart. The answer is easy, just don’t fall behind to the point that Carr feels the pressure to do everything himself. There, now can I have $10M a year too like Jon Gruden? I’d deserve it almost as much as Gruden does right now, because his coaching has flat out sucked. There is only one moment of the game that is worth bringing up, and it was with 1:15 left in the first half. The Raiders were down 21-7 but were showing signs of life for the first time since their 10-0 lead on Kansas City in the first quarter last week, and the Raiders punted the ball from the Minnesota 48 yard line. Are you kidding me with that? Everybody watching that game knew the Vikings had full control and the Raiders absolutely needed points on that final drive of the half to crawl back into it. Gruden’s answer is to punt it from midfield with a minute left in the half? No fire, no gamble, no trust and no chance the Raiders were coming back after they made that decision. It makes it even worse that the one play Darren Waller didn’t make when given the opportunity in this game was the 3rd down drop right before that cowardly punt. It was a bad toss from Carr, but Waller had both hands on the ball and should have made the catch and then the Raiders would have at least been in field goal range. Instead, the absolute star of the game for Oakland has his only missed catch of his day (13 catches on 14 targets, 134 yards. Kudos to Mr. Waller on a hell of a game) and the coach just tucks his tail afterwards. What does that tell the team? It told them that the coach had absolutely no faith in them whatsoever, and that’s how the team played the rest of the way. That was the end of the game as far as I was concerned, zero chance of coming back when Gruden made that decision to not go for it. Oakland needed something to fire them up, they needed to take a risk and show that they were going to do everything to be put in position to win and instead they just gave up. The team lost the last bit of momentum they were taking after that decision and never even looked competent again until garbage time. Something that shouldn’t be overlooked in all of this is that the Minnesota Vikings are a good team with one of the best running backs in the NFL. It honestly looks like somebody has a remote control that only controls Dalvin Cook and they press fast forward every time he touches the ball. He is so quick and so explosive it’s ridiculous, the only thing that doesn’t make sense is how the Vikings only ran him 16 times. The Vikings are a very good team, a likely playoff team and they have one of the best defenses in the league though. They simply outclassed the Raiders, and it wasn’t even close. To have to go to Minnesota right after that Kansas City game was going to be a tough game no matter what, it’s just the Raiders didn’t even really show up at all. They were flat and terrible the whole game, that’s the part that makes the loss feel so sour. However, now they head to Indianapolis with a chance to get back to .500 and put these last two losses behind them. This season is not over, even if the telltale signs of a losing season are already showing. It could all be turned around with a flip of the switch. There needs to be a fire within this team though, they can’t be this cold dead fish version and expect anything but competing for the top pick in next year’s draft. The Colts are a good team too and this is another tough game for the Raiders. Still, it is their best chance to turn this season around before it’s too late. It also offers the cosmic symmetry of getting back on track against the very team that snuffed out that great 2016 season just before the playoffs. Let’s hope that Jon Gruden and Derek Carr get their stuff together and right this ship in Indy. Another bad loss with 3 more games to go before their next home game would be absolutely devastating. They can’t afford to lose another one after these last two horrid performances and then head to London against the Bears. It will only get harder from here if they do get dominated again. We already know what happens when the game gets too difficult for Derek Carr and the Raiders. They get steamrolled, exactly like what the Vikings just did to them. They can’t let that happen again next week or it’s going to be a very long season.


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