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  • Jahlani Tavai is taking things ‘day by day’
    by Mansur Shaheen on May 24, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    The rookie is taking things slow in his first taste of the NFL. Jahlani Tavai is entering a whole new world. The Detroit Lions linebacker and 2019 second-round pick is a long ways away from the Hawaiian Islands where he played college football and the beaches of Southern California where he played in high school. He is also faced with the new challenge of playing in the NFL, and most likely stepping into a huge role in Matt Patricia’s defense this season. It is a lot to take on for a young player, but Tavai is abiding by a simple message. “My main message right now is literally take it day by day,” Tavai told reporters after OTAs on Tuesday. As challenging as the days ahead will be, he has great people leading him. “[I’ve been] getting to learn from guys who are vets here. They’re great leaders and I strive to try and become a leader like them,” Tavai said. For Tavai this is a huge paradigm shift. At Hawaii, he was one of the team leaders. The linebacker was the quarterback of the defense and the most important player on that side of the ball. He was the face of the team and most important guy in the locker room. The linebacker notched 390 combined tackles and 16.5 sacks in his four years as a Rainbow Warrior. He led the Mountain West Conference in solo tackles in 2016, and landed in the top 10 in 2017. It would not be a stretch to name him as one of the best linebackers to ever play at the University of Hawaii. In Detroit he is back at the bottom. A rookie entering a new league, a new city, and attempting to learn a new playbook. He is taking things one step at a time, though. “First I gotta learn the playbook. I gotta perfect that part,” Tavai said, “The vets learned it last year and they’re doing a great job for the younger guys. I just gotta take the responsibility to learn it on my own and do the right thing.” As the challenges ramp up for the rookie, he at least feels as though he is in the right place. He spoke highly of both the leadership on the roster and the leadership in the organization as a whole. “This is a great environment. I love how the coaches have a standard on being successful,” he said, adding “I wanna ingrain that in my mindset and just come out here everyday and just be a Lion.” The rookie has already managed to make quite the impression as a Lion, leaping into the air to snag an impressive interception off of backup quarterback Tom Savage on Day 3 of OTAs. A look at Jahlani Tavai's INT in practice today— Alex Reno (@alex_reno) May 24, 2019 Detroit should be just as excited to have Tavai as he is to have them, and as he learns and grows, they hope they have found a potential star in the 2019 NFL draft. But for now, Tavai still just has a simple message. Take things day by day. “I’m just gonna have that mindset and take care of what I can control.&rdquo […]

  • VIDEO: Jahlani Tavai’s INT highlights Day 3 of Detroit Lions OTAs
    by Jeremy Reisman on May 24, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    The Lions’ second-round pick had the play of the day. The Detroit Lions have gone into protective mode. On Thursday, the team had their final OTA practice of the week, and seeing as it was closed from the media, we were again left to digest the session just from a photo gallery and highlights. However, unlike Day 1 of OTAs, the Lions didn’t divulge much information from those sources. There were no photos or video of the offensive or defensive lines, meaning we have no idea if Frank Ragnow still took reps at center on Thursday or what the defensive lineup may look like right now. But the Lions did provide one awesome moment from the practice session, and it came from their highlights at the 35-second mark:. That’s Lions second-round pick Jahlani Tavai picking off Tom Savage, by leaping in front of a pass intended for first-round pick T.J. Hockenson. Let’s take another look: A look at Jahlani Tavai's INT in practice today— Alex Reno (@alex_reno) May 24, 2019 While Savage made it fairly easy for Tavai, that’s still a pretty darn good play from the rookie. He’s reading the eyes of the quarterback, he gets a fair amount of air and secures the catch after a quick bobble. The only other real notable highlight was at the end of the video. The Lions have Jarrad Davis receiving a punt, and the third-year linebacker snags it as the rest of the team goes wild. […]

  • Video: Watch Matthew Stafford put Aaron Rodgers’ chugging attempt to shame
    by Jeremy Reisman on May 24, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Frat Stafford is back! On Thursday night during the NBA Conference Championship Game between the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks, the camera crews inside the Milwaukee arena found Packers tackle David Bakhtiari. As has become tradition in the past year or so, when a famous athlete gets caught on the big screen at a sporting event, he must immediately chug his beer. Bakhtiari, being the offensive lineman he is, had no problem fulfilling the tradition, swinging back two beers in about nine seconds. Then cameras cut to Aaron Rodgers. He... well, he gave it his best: @DavidBakhtiari and @AaronRodgers12 go head-to-head in a beer chugging competition!! #GoPackGo | #FearTheDeer— Milwaukee Bucks (@Bucks) May 24, 2019 Okay, first off, that isn’t even a full Beer, Aaron: That’s like three-fifths of a beer. And not only does it take Rodgers eight seconds to drink approximately eight ounces, but HE DOESN’T EVEN FINISH. Thankfully, the camera went back to Bakhtiari to reclaim pride in the land of the Pack. This would have adequate schadenfreude to be noteworthy on a Detroit Lions blog like this, but the story doesn’t end here. Minutes later, Kelly Stafford, wife of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, posted this on Instagram: View this post on Instagram #kingofthenorth A post shared by Kelly Stafford (@kbstafford89) on May 23, 2019 at 7:00pm PDT This social media post deserves an Emmy. First, kudos to Kelly for the cinematography. She zooms in on the same basketball game being played. This accomplishes two things: Like taking a picture with today’s newspaper, it confirms this is present day, 31-year-old Matthew Stafford. Secondly, it confirms this is a direct response to Rodgers’ pathetic drinking attempt. Then Matthew takes over. Tall-boy in hand, like the Patrick Mahomes of drinking, Stafford no-looks the camera and takes down a full beer in about four seconds. Frat Stafford is back, y’all. (Also underrated, the very, very real, definitely not staged conversation between Sam Martin and his lady friend at the beginning of the video.) This just continues the trend of the Lions owning the Packers. Detroit has now won four five straight over Green Bay. Here’s a tip for you next time, Rodgers. You need to R-E-L-A-X the throat a little bit. […]

  • POLL: Are you bothered by Harrison & Slay skipping Week 1 of OTAs?
    by Jeremy Reisman on May 24, 2019 at 10:00 am

    Harmless negotiating tactic or greedy selfishness? The first week of Organized Team Activities is in the books for the 2019 Detroit Lions. The team had their third and final practice of the week on Thursday, and they remained without arguably the two best players on their defense. Both Damon Harrison Sr. and Darius Slay have not been present at offseason workouts this year, and both appear to be seeking new deals. This is pretty normal negotiating tactics, but for some, this is a put-off. Because both players still have two years remaining on their contracts, many believe they need to “wait their turn” until they’re entering a contract year. Others don’t appear to be that bothered. Matt Patricia didn’t seem to make a big deal about it, and both players appear to be working out on their own. Not to mention both have earned a little respect and don’t necessarily need the extra few practices with the team. But it’s sometimes hard to quantify how exactly a fanbase is feeling when your only measurement is Twitter replies and angry sports radio callers. So today’s Question of the Day is: Are you mad that Darius Slay and Damon Harrison Sr. skipped Week 1 of OTAs? My answer: Absolutely not. On Thursday, I explained why it made every bit of sense for Slay to try and get his money right now. Many of those same arguments hold for Harrison, but he probably has an even better case for being underpaid right now, so I totally get it from Snacks’ standpoint, too. Given the short nature of this game, and the ability of it all to be taken from you with one, brutal injury, I’m almost never not in the players’ corner. Get paid as much as you can while you still have worth in this league, and if it means missing a few practices three months before any games, that’s totally fine with me. Your turn. Tweets from […]

  • Notes: Detroit Lions’ backfield ranked 22nd in the NFL
    by Jeremy Reisman on May 23, 2019 at 9:10 pm

    The Lions’ running backs haven’t commanded much respect yet. Since head coach Matt Patricia came to town, the Detroit Lions have made a concerted effort to make the running game a priority both on offense and defense. The addition of Damon Harrison Sr. made the Lions a formidable run defense last year, and Kerryon Johnson made them look dangerous, at times, running the ball. But not everyone is convinced of their talent on offense yet. Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski ranked every team’s backfield for the 2019 season, and the Lions came in at just 22nd in the league. Sobleski doesn’t offer much in terms of criticism talking about Detroit’s backfield. In fact, he’s quite complimentary. He notes that Johnson averaged 5.7 yards per touch and provided Detroit with “a real running threat.” He calls C.J. Anderson “a vital component to the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl run.” He even praised Theo Riddick, labeling him as “a top-notch third-down back.” Still, his ranking suggests there’s some skepticism with Detroit. Perhaps it’s Johnson’s youth, inexperience and injury history. Perhaps it’s their questionable depth. Either way, the Lions will likely have to produce more actual results before they climb lists like these. When the Detroit Lions schedule came out, many noted how tough the first month is. Detroit opens up with three 2018 playoff teams out of their first four games. According to a study from Football Perspective’s Chase Stuart, the Lions actually have the 10th most front-loaded schedule in the league. Zach Zenner wasn’t at OTAs earlier in the week, and now we have a pretty good understanding of why that may have been. Congrats, Zenners! New Zenner in the world, welcome Boden! Mom did great.— Zach Zenner (@zenner31) May 23, 2019 Darius Slay has a response to those who think he should just commit to the contract he signed a few years ago: They don’t keep their words when they cut us while we in our contracts ...— Darius Slay (@_bigplayslay23) May 22, 2019 The NFL has outlawed the Oklahoma Drill in practices. Nate Atkins of MLive talks about what that may mean for Matt Patricia, who ran a very similar drill last year. Thursday marks the 10,000th day since the Lions’ last playoff victory. Here’s a hard-to-read graphic putting that into perspective relative to the other professional sports teams. The infographic is measuring playoff wins (playoff series wins in the MLB, NBA and NHL), and Lions are that speech bubble on the left. This from my guy @theford is a pretty amazing visual breakdown of every pro sports team and their playoff appearances/wins over the last 10,000 days— Dave Birkett (@davebirkett) May 23, 2019 Thursday was apparently mailbag day for much of the Lions beat. Here’s Kyle Meinke’s, Justin Rogers’, and Chris Burke (subscription required). Most notable from the three, this line from Rogers: “I don’t think any fan expecting 10 wins this year is being unreasonable.” Danny Amendola threw a strike(?) when throwing out the first pitch at a Tigers game on Tuesday: View this post on Instagram ⚾️ A post shared by Danny Amendola (@dannyamendola) on May 22, 2019 at 12:02pm PDT […]


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