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  • Throwback Thursday: Training camp is right around the corner!
    by Ricky Helton on July 18, 2019 at 10:07 pm

    Ricky Helton gives us a photo gallery from last season With the San Francisco 49ers training camp starting next week, I know the 49ers faithful is getting excited about the upcoming season. I wanted to share some of our photos from last season, as well as a few other images that I have. If you haven’t purchased your tickets to the 49ers training camp, I highly recommend that you do. If you geek out over 49ers football, there’s no better view than standing a few feet away from some of your favorite players—both from the present and past. Let the new players feel and hear your presence this training camp/season! Another nice thing about showing up to training camp is that all proceeds go towards the 49ers Foundation, which helps so many in our community. The only thing missing will be all of the tailgates. That’s not allowed at training camp, just an FYI. There will be music and football, though. Not just any football, 49ers football. Hope you enjoy the Photo Gallery, and let’s go Niners!!!! […]

  • Who is the most underpaid veteran on the 49ers?
    by Kyle Posey on July 18, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images The Ringer recently compiled a list of the most underpaid veterans on each team in the NFC. We always talk about who is overrated, who will get cut, but we never talk about the guys that are under-appreciated. Danny Heifetz of The Ringer looked at veterans around the NFC that are underpaid. Is the answer obvious for the San Francisco 49ers? Here’s who Heifetz selected: San Francisco 49ers: Laken Tomlinson, Guard Contract: Three years for $16.5 million (signed 2018) The fine print: $10 million over the first two years followed by team options in 2020 and 2021 Total guaranteed at signing: $6.6 million (32nd among guards) Average annual value: $5.5 million (tied for 25th among guards) 2019 salary and bonuses: $2.5 million (tied for 44th among guards) Tomlinson was one of 18 guards to play more than 1,000 snaps last year, and he ranked ninth in pass-blocking grades by PFF among the players in that group—three spots behind the league’s best guard in Baltimore’s Marshal Yanda, two spots behind everyone’s favorite lineman in Indianapolis’s Quenton Nelson, and one spot behind Tampa Bay’s Ali Marpet, who is making twice as much as Tomlinson. I was trying to guess who it would be on the roster. I wouldn’t have imagined Tomlinson. Having a starting guard under contract for pennies while only surrendering a Day 3 draft pick is a heck of a deal. Tomlinson is also relatively young still, at 27-years old. Tomlinson’s value is under-appreciated. Him being available is a big deal. Looking through the Niners roster, it’s tough to find someone more suitable due to the injury bug biting half of the team last year. If Marquise Goodwin would have been able to continue his 2017 ending with Jimmy Garoppolo, he may have been on here. Who would you say is the most underpaid 49er? […]

  • 49ers 90-in-90: Less is more with Solomon Thomas
    by Scott Geelan on July 18, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports Breaking down the 90 players on the 49ers offseason roster in 90 posts (over 90 or so days). Today is defensive lineman Solomon Thomas Solomon Thomas has had a difficult start to his NFL career. As an undersized defensive tackle prospect with excellent athleticism, there can be little doubt the 49ers had one eye on the success the Rams have had with Aaron Donald when picking Thomas in 2017. Thomas however, was not the dominant force Donald was in college and had issues adjusting to the power, technical ability & quickness of NFL linemen, whilst himself trying to pile on weight. The steep development required of him (both physically, technically and mentally) coupled with the expectations attached to any third overall pick has arguably led to Thomas having a nigh on impossible task to satisfy 49ers’ fans and coaches, an almost impossible task made all the more difficult by the terrible loss of his sister in early 2018. One year removed from the tragedy, Thomas says he’s ready to make his mark on the NFL. Having spent the summer working with Aaron Donald, it’ll be intriguing to watch him this season. Basic Info: Age: 23 Experience: Third season Height: 6’2” Weight: 280lbs Cap Status: Thomas enters the third year of his rookie contract with a cap hit of $7,678,465 and a dead cap hit of $9,307,953. How he might improve in 2019: Thomas’ run defence was impressive in 2018, but he wasn’t drafted third overall to be a stud run defender. He was selected to get after the quarterback, and that’s something he hasn’t done much of yet in the NFL. As the 2018 season wore on, he showed increasing flashes of explosiveness and a plan to bring his strengths into play against guards, something which induced the 49ers to utilise him as a pass rusher on the interior increasingly. With the increased use of wide 9 principles on the 49ers defensive line, expect Thomas to spend even more of his time on the inside as a pass rusher rather than on the edge, where he should be able to continue to bring his explosiveness into play against guards. Furthermore, we will hopefully start to see Thomas be able to chain moves together more consistently, as well as get off blocks later in the down even if his opposition initially stymies him. Until now, Thomas has often just gone with a long-arm or ineffective bull rush when initially blocked, perhaps just satisfying himself with becoming an impromptu QB spy. With an improved edge threat, being able to get off blocks, including late in the play consistently, should lead to notably more production for Thomas. How he might regress in 2019: The aforementioned increasing use of wide 9 principles that could see Thomas play more along the interior as a rusher could also see Thomas sit on the bench more. Compared to last season, when there were three spots along the defensive line that Thomas could theoretically compete for in many of the 49ers’ packages, now there will often only be two. As a result, he will likely be facing competition from the likes of DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Sheldon Day, Kentavius Street, Jullian Taylor, and DJ Jones to rush from the interior. Thomas will have to impress to be allowed to rush on the money downs. Odds of making the roster: Thomas should be a lock to make the 49ers’ 53 man roster. […]

  • What happens first: The 49ers make the playoffs, or the Patriots make the Super Bowl?
    by Kyle Posey on July 18, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Churchill Downs This morning on “Good Morning Football,” the crew debated which will happen; first, the San Francisco 49ers making the playoffs, or the New England Patriots making another Super Bowl. It’s a fun question to entertain in July when there is not much else to discuss. The host, Kay Adams, said she believes the Patriots will make another Super Bowl first based on a “gut feeling” from being at the last Super Bowl and thinking that won’t be the last time Tom Brady makes the big game. Okay. She believes the Patriots will make it to the Super Bowl again this year. History tells us that’s a safe bet. Former NFL star cornerback Deangelo Hall picked New England as well. He said his answer has more to do with the division the Niners play in. He believes San Francisco is facing more of an uphill battle, and “Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t quite look like who we thought we were going to see.” Hall is going with the most consistent team. Again, it’s tough to bet against the Patriots, no matter how annoying they are. Here’s the quick discussion: Is the question really just asking will the 49ers make the playoffs this year? If the almighty Pats are going to repeat. The window closes once Tom Brady retires, whenever that is. The AFC West has proven to be a joke. The path to the playoffs presents far more resistance for the 49ers, but a few breaks here and there could land them into the playoffs and that wouldn’t surprise anybody. What do you think? […]

  • Rereading NFL Draft profiles: DT Deforest Buckner
    by Kyle Posey on July 18, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images Did the experts get it right? A couple of weeks ago we looked back at the NFL Draft profile of Jaquiski Tartt. Most of you felt like the profile was reasonably accurate. We’re moving on to the 2016 draft for the San Francisco 49ers. Two of the teams Day 3 picks made the news on Wednesday. WR Aaron Burbridge retired rather than reporting to the Denver Broncos training camp. CB Rashard Robinson issued a public apology. Robinson was suspended ten games with a substance abuse violation after several missed tests. We are here to talk about the first-round pick from that draft. Leading up to the draft the Niners were connected to everyone from Myles Jack to Ronnie Stanley, to Paxton freaking Lynch. Talk about a bullet dodged there. I have been writing about the draft since 2014. Deforest Buckner was probably one of my biggest draft crushes during that stretch. I sat down and did a video about him with one of the brighter minds in the draft community. This is one of the rare instances where hindsight isn’t 20/20 when you look back at what I said. I didn’t stop following him once he was drafted. His performance against the Seattle Seahawks a couple of years ago is still one of the most dominating games I can remember. Deforest Buckner vs the fighting Tom Cable's.— KP (@KP_Show) September 20, 2017 It’s easy for me to talk about, because I was right about him. I could easily dig up 15 other scouting reports where I was way off. Rewind back to when Buckner was a prospect. What did the experts think? Here’s what now General Manager of the Oakland Raiders Mike Mayock said: “Buckner reminds of the Cardinals’ Calais Campbell. He has power and length. Ideally, he’s a five-technique, which is the defense that San Francisco plays.” -- Mike Mayock Strengths That was obviously before the 49ers switched to a 4-3 defense. Not that it matters, Buckner would likely be playing the same position either way. Here’s the strengths part: STRENGTHS Impressive NFL-­ready physique. Has natural strength and power in his hands and improved their effectiveness this year. Not a content player, Buckner plays with effort and will continue working hands and feet to improve his positioning. Light went on as pass rusher in 2015. Generated top-­end production by combining his power and dynamic athletic traits. Improved his pad level as rusher creating dominating pocket push that he was able to convert into sacks and knockdowns. Rare tackle production for defensive lineman with 163 over last two seasons. Long arms and good play speed allow him maximum field coverage to tackle. Flexible upper body. Can flip shoulders, then hips around the edge of blockers allowing him to play on the other side of the line. Has size and athleticism for scheme versatility. Quick off the snap and difficult to cut­ off in run game. I still remember the pushback. “Buckner plays too tall.” “He doesn’t have any pass rush moves.” Buckner is 6-foot-7. He’s always going to look like he’s playing tall. At Oregon, he was constantly in the backfield. I agree with a lot with Mayock here. One thing you noticed in college was Buckner rarely came off the field. You also saw that he played with the same energy on snap 74 as he did on snap 14. That spoke volumes to me, and I’m sure it did to the majority of teams that fell in love with him. Energy, strength, production, but still plenty of upside. That’s the type of player you take early in the draft. Weaknesses How about his weaknesses? WEAKNESSES Plays too tall after the snap. Pad level so high that it impacts ability to stop and change direction with necessary body control. Needs to bend more when penetrating in order to avoid redirect blocks. Will need to play with wider base to take on blockers on next level. Has habit of turning shoulders and getting knocked out of position rather than taking on blocks with squared up pads. I like how Mayock described his issues with Buckner’s pad level and didn’t just leave it at his first sentence. That’s fair criticism, especially the last part about taking on blocks. In the draft circle, if you don’t like a player, you are going to show the same GIF over and over. There was one where Buckner got pancaked from playing too tall. So many people wrote him off because of one play. Here’s the rest, including a mention from his current teammate: SOURCES TELL US ”His comp is going to be Calais Campbell or Arik Armstead but I think he’s more talented coming out than either one of those guys. He’s twice the player Armstead was coming out.” -­ NFC Regional Scout NFL COMPARISON Calais Campbell BOTTOM LINE Headed into this season, Buckner was a traits prospect who flashed with quickness, strength and overall athleticism, but he put those traits together in 2015. Buckner has the body type of a classic 3-­4 defensive end who can control the point of attack with length and power, but he has above average pass rush potential for that position which figures to push him into the early stages of round one. Buckner has similar power to former teammate Arik Armstead, but is a much better pass rusher and has a chance to become a dominant force in the NFL. When a player gets compared to someone the caliber of Campbell, they better be pretty dang good. Buckner is on track. Now he needs to string a few seasons together. There’s no reason to believe that won’t happen, especially now that he has help on the edge. Think back to the 2016 Draft when the 49ers were on the clock. Were you a fan of Buckner, or did you want someone else? […]


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