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  • Bucs’ Coaching Staff Provides More Questions Than Answers Through The First Three Weeks Of 2019
    by Evan Winter on September 23, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Sunday provided another tough loss for the Bucs. | Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports What was supposed to be a saving grace has been almost the opposite. 31 points. Five sacks. 144 yards on the ground. 6.8 yards per play. Four penalties for 30 yards. Over 33 minutes in time of possession. Eight plays of (20+) yards. Sounds like the recipe for a Bucs’ win, right? Ha. Actually, it’s not. Especially when you combine those numbers with the following: 4 of 14 on third down for the Bucs (29%) Three missed kicks (two PATs and the game-winning field goal attempt) 1 for 2 in goal-to-go situations 6.4 yards per play allowed Four sacks allowed 6 for 13 on third down for the Giants (46%) Five plays of (20+) yards for the Giants For everything the Bucs did right, they did something wrong. That’s what happens with inconsistent teams. We’ve already seen it through three weeks this season. In fact, we’ve seen it for the last four years, if we’re being honest. A lot of blame for the franchise’s recent inconsistencies was thrown upon Lovie Smith and Dirk Koetter. Poor play calling, questionable schemes, and a lack of accountability were just a few of the many struggles that surrounded the previous regimes. Bruce Arians and this coaching staff were supposed to fix these inconsistencies. They were supposed to put these guys in the best position to win and maximize their talent(s). They were supposed to help this team win games. Instead, it’s been pretty close to the opposite. Let’s go back to Week 2. The Bucs were trying to hold on to a six-point lead as the Panthers drove down the field in an attempt to score the go-ahead touchdown. With precious little time left on the clock, Arians called a timeout. Little did he know, Bowles had already called one. The result was a penalty that put the Panthers at the Tampa Bay 1-yard line, which gave them a better chance to score than from the previous distance. Arians even said after the game that the Bucs won in spite of him. You’d think a two-time NFL Coach of the Year would learn his lesson and move on, but that doesn’t seem to be the case after the loss to the Giants. The Bucs, down by a point, were able to drive down the field thanks to a 44-yard bomb from Jameis Winston to Mike Evans, who landed at the Giants’ 9-yard line. According to Arians, the Bucs didn’t want to “waste a timeout” and they let the clock run out, which in turn caused the delay of game penalty to be called. Matt Gay’s kick sailed just to the right, and the Bucs lost the game. More clarity on the end-game sequence: The Bucs didn’t take delay penalty to purposely make the FG 5 yards farther. Bruce Arians saw they wouldn’t get the snap off and decided to take the penalty as opposed to using last timeout. Believed the kick would be made either way.— Scott Smith (@ScottSBucs) September 23, 2019 But after the game, Arians said they intentionally took the penalty because he felt Gay was more accurate from long range. "I just took it on purpose" Bruce Arians on the Bucs taking a delay of game penalty before the missed FG (via @gregauman)— SNY (@SNYtv) September 23, 2019 This right here is the definition of inconsistency. This is just the latest bundle of confusion from what is supposed to be one of the better coaching staffs in the league. This, in a sense, is not good. The confusion trickled onto the field, as well. The offense showed an odd dedication to running the ball in the second half after it nearly passed for 300 yards in the first half. The defense looked as if no adjustments were made and the end result was 18 points and 252 yards of total offense. In Leftwich’s defense, Arians did say that the questionable run call on the 3rd-and-2 from the Giants’ 5 was a RPO that just wasn’t executed properly up front. Apparently, Winston made the correct read handing the ball of to Barber. But at the same time, you have a vast selection of pass-catchers and a quarterback that had played well up until that point. Why try to get cute with it? Maybe I’m cherry-picking and being unreasonable, but this can’t continue if the Bucs want any chance at a successful season. For all the good that was supposed to come with this staff, it’s been much of the other end of the spectrum so far. Now, the Bucs are 1-2 and have to travel across the country to take on the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. They were able to bounce back from a tough loss at home with a nice road win a couple of weeks ago. Can they do it again? If they want to be able to start winning on a consistent basis, they better find a way to win against the Rams. And they better do it fast.

  • Bucs N Nuts Podcast: The collapse at Ray Jay
    by Gil Arcia on September 23, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images Derick talks about the game from Week 3 that has people questioning their fandom. Some losses are easier to forget. This one, for obvious reasons, has people wishing Sunday never happened. After the Buccaneers loss to the Giants 32-31, Bucs Nation podcaster Derick Schroeppel shares his thoughts on Week 3’s epic failure in his latest episode of the Bucs N Nuts Podcast. “I have to go in expecting them to lose so that I can be pleasantly surprised.” It has come to that, folks.

  • Buccaneers vs Giants day-after-game reactions
    by Kyle_Marks on September 23, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports New staff, same old problems. The head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stood up in front of reporters on Sunday afternoon, looked them in the eye’s and said he purposely took a penalty that made his kickers field goal attempt longer. Bruce Arians - “I just took it on purpose. Yeah, he’s better back, that field goal is easier 5 yards back.” That’s how (insert expletive) this team is. We’re doing things differently this week. Let’s take a poke at the coaching that ultimately is to blame for this debacle against an awful Giants team. Coaching Is it really coaching if all of the decisions seem wrong? At what point do we just call it guessing? Or hoping? In the second half of this football game that’s exactly what it felt like. It felt like Byron Leftwich and Bruce Arians were simply HOPING that their team, the same team that had no issues going up 28-10 at the half, could hold on to the lead for 30 more minutes. Jameis Winston had a couple bad throws in this game and sure the interception was incredibly bad for a 5th year QB to miss that badly but all other instances in this game considered... there is zero reason to completely lose faith and just abandon all things passing like this team did in the 2nd half. Especially looking back on things and seeing that when the team needed it most, Jameis Winston put the ball, a deep ball mind you, right into Mike Evans hands like it was nothing. Why wasn’t this exploited more in the 2nd half when the Giants had no answer for Evans throughout the first half? Awful. Let’s continue to focus on the offensive side of things for a second and take into consideration the decision to run non stop on early downs and flip flop backs with Barber/Jones when only Jones was having success. Feed the hot hand. Not this staff tho, not so far. Defensively the play calling followed suit of the offense. Conservative and pathetic. Todd Bowles gets a bit of a pass here only because he’s working with one of the worst defensive back groups in the league when it comes to coverage. That said, this team relied on Shaquil Barrett and Carl Nassib to get anything and everything done. Bowles may have chicken s*** to work with, but he better find a way to make some decent soup out of it. Bruce Arians... the savior right? Arians taking a penalty to put his kicker further back... is just the pinnacle of stupidity that we have come to know as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The irony looking back is that Matt Gay may have just made the kick if it didn’t have to travel those five extra yards. Way to go coach. Let’s add distance and difficulty to the kick. Why not right? Tampa and it’s history of kickers since Matt Bryant wasn’t “good enough” has been just tremendous. Right? At least the broader NFL media pundits aren’t making fun us right? Oh wait... This is an absolute joke. Horrendous coaching.— Adam Schein (@AdamSchein) September 23, 2019 Enough of the coaching staff already. Let’s get to the players and some reactions to the work they put in on Sunday. Special Teams Let’s just stay on the negative side of things right? Why get positive at this point? Our special teams unit S-U-C-K-S. Bobo Wilson... what are you doing on these kick returns? Twice Wilson caught the ball with room to work and got zero yards. One of those two he got clocked for no reason other than his unwillingness/inability to move his feet. If you aren’t going to gain positive yardage, just take the fair catch and save the possibility of a fumble from contact. Kicking team’s blocking... or lack thereof. Matt Gay is going to get a ton of blame, deservedly so for missing a chipshot extra point and essentially the game... loser? He should be the hero right now but nope, missed field goal ends the game and frankly ended any bit of fan backing he otherwise would have had sadly. It’s Gays’ fault, but really it isn’t. Earlier in the ball game he had a second extra point attempt blocked but truly, this loss is on the coaching and their unwillingness to put this game away. By the way, you know things are bad when the people of Land O Lakes are poking fun at you (I reside in LoL, I can say these things). View post on Defense What is this secondary doing? Vernon Hargreaves III... I love the effort but frankly effort isn’t enough to warrant a starting spot. Hargreaves was the hero last week in what was an otherwise mediocre to bad game coverage wise. This week he and his buddy Carlton Davis was just plain awful. Davis and the penalties are growing old but not nearly as old as them giving up uncontested receptions. M.J. Stewart, I’m sorry but Daniel Jones outruns you, that’s not okay. Jordan Whitehead was probably the best of the bunch but in the end, he’s a run stopper in a throwing league. Mike Edwards had a pass hit him in stride and he couldn’t bring it in, guess that’s why he’s not on offense. The secondary was just awful in this one. Linebackers were on and off all game with Lavonte David being the target on a couple missed plays. Kevin Minter is doing what we all expect as a reserve who has been thrust into action with number one pick Devin White sidelined. The defensive front did their job as run stoppers speaking of Ndamukong Suh, Vita Vea and Will Gholston. Sadly this is a passing league and those three did nothing of the sort to stop the pass. Carl Nassib and Shaquil Barrett... these two deserve their own sections because frankly they were in a different league than the rest of the defense on Sunday. Barrett is well over the pace to become the teams single season sack leader with a team record 8 in three games. Warren Sapp held the prior first three game record of 5.5. Barrett has single handedly ended multiple drives this season for the defense. Defensive MVP talks would be including him right now if the rest of this team could get their heads out of the rear ends. GREAT JOB Barrett! Now onto the offensive side of the ball... Shaq Barrett's out here looking like a created player.#GoBucs | #BudLightCelly— Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@Buccaneers) September 22, 2019 Offense Jameis Winston came this week and truly had a very good game. Winston had a few passes he’d like back, namely a 3rd and 3 pass to Breshad Perriman (why are we targeting Perriman on a crucial 3rd down anyway?) and an errant throw to Mike Evans that sadly was not in the same zip code which in turn went for an interception. Those two throws aside and this was a tremendous game for Winston. Any quarterback who throws for 375+ yards and 3 touchdowns should end the day with a win. Instead, Buccaneer fans watched a Giants player walk it off eating a “W”. Ronald Jones did his part to help put this team in a position to win as well on Sunday. It’s a shame that the drives dominated by his play were regularly ended with other backs on the field. Jones was given one carry more than Peyton Barber yet the results couldn’t have been further apart. Jones on 14 carries finished with 80 yards included a 25 yard run while Barber struggled to get anything going, ending his day with 13 runs and 48 yards. Jones also took his lone reception for 41 yards up the sideline. Maybe more of that would be a good thing coach? I don’t know. Pass game wise, things looked pretty good when Leftwich decided to give it a go. Mike Evans was absolutely unstoppable in this football game. For some reason, the offensive coaches decided to stop forcing Evans onto the Giant defense in the 2nd half until the final last ditch effort of a drive. Evans finished with 190 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns but only one grab in the 2nd half. Not the best of game plans it would seem. O.J. Howard finally showed some signs of life in this one too as he added 3 catches for 66 yards. Time for the offenses Achilles heel... the offensive line. The line gave up four sacks in the game, repeatedly got abused on the edges (looking at you Demar Dotson) and just isn’t good enough to get the job done. Jameis Winston had a few instances in this game where pressure was immediately in his face. In the first half, the team did a good job getting the ball out and arguably no play better showed this than the screen to Ronald Jones. For some reason though, the second half game plan went away from EVERYTHING that worked in the first half. Alas, that’s coaching for you. Final Reactions How do you expect fans to believe in this team when staff after staff seems to make the same decisions? Going conservative when you don’t have top talent on defense ISN’T THE ANSWER. Going full out run out the clock to start the 2nd half DOES NOT WORK. I’m not an offensive genius by any means, but it would seem relevant to utilize the highest paid/invested unit more than the unit that has received the least amount of money and draft picks invested. That would mean throwing the ball more. In a league built to reward those who throw, the Buccaneers seem somewhat content running and stopping the run over passing and stopping the pass. It’s crazy sad that the best thing in Sunday’s game for the Giants was the Buccaneers knocking Saquon Barkley out of the game. With Barkley in the game, the Buccaneers defense was able to hone in on the top threat, a running back, who the Giants ran the offense thru. Once Barkley exited the game and the Giants were forced to throw, the Buccaneers all of the sudden had no answer to the greatness that is/was rookie quarterback Daniel Jones. Let that sink in Buc fans, the top threat on the opponents offense got hurt and THEN the defense couldn’t stop it’s opponent. Last reaction (over-reaction?). It’s time to scrap kicking and start going for it on 4th in short in field goal situations. While we are at it, go for two all the time. Kickers are cursed here so why not? What else can we say? #ItsABucsLif

  • Yarcho’s Pick Six: Bucs Choke One Away
    by James Yarcho on September 23, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports Bucs blow 28-10 halftime lead, lose 32-31 Wow. Where to begin. Do we begin with one of the most impressive first half performances we’ve ever seen out of Jameis Winston and Mike Evans? Or do we start with the inexplicable implosion the team had in the second half? There’s a lot to unpack, but at the end of the day here’s what we know: good teams finish games. Good teams beat the teams they’re supposed to beat. The Buccaneers did neither and until further notice, the Buccaneers are not a good team. Let’s get to it. Six Topics Suitable For Conversation 1.) You Play To Win The Game. You DON’T play not to lose - and that’s exactly what the Bucs did for the entire second half. Byron Leftwich went full turtle and collapsed into his shell, calling a terrible second half. Whether it was trying to run a full thrity minutes off the clock or if it was trying to punch back after the Giants scored two quick touchdowns in the third quarter, the offense was a shell of itself in the second half. For a team that scored on all six first half possessions, scoring once in seven attempts to finish the game is not how you win. The defense had no answer for a rookie quarterback in his first start even after Saquon Barkley left with a high ankle sprain in the second quarter. It was a forgettable performance that this team better not forget any time soon. Remember how bad this taste is. Remember how demoralizing it was. And never let it happen again. 2.) This Is Not All On Matt Gay. Two missed extra points and a missed game winning field goal is something that Bucs fans (unfortunately) got used to over the last few years, but that was all supposed to change with Gay doing the kicks. It didn’t. And yes, five points left on the field proved to be the difference, but it never should have come to that. The Bucs were in complete control then they went on cruise control. Rather than putting the pedal down and putting the Giants in a bodybag, they gave them new life and when it was time to turn it back up, the team just couldn’t do it. Just have to hope Gay moves on and doesn’t let this game linger all season long like so many Bucs kickers before him. Forget it and do better next week. 3.) Welcome Back, Mike Evans. Evans looked like the player we’ve come to know and love. He had a hat trick in the first half and was absolutely embarrassing Jenoris Jenkins all game long. Well, all half. For some reason, the Bucs seemed to forget Evans existed until the end of the game. Why was he not being fed continuously all day long? No one in the Giants’ secondary is even worthy of carrying Evans’ helmet, let alone could they defend him. Conservative approach breeds negative results. 4.) Shaq Barrett. Four more sacks? FOUR?! It’s Barrett’s world, he just allows us to live in it. He’s well on his way to his second consecutive Defensive Player of the Week award and making an early case for Defensive Player of the Year. 5.) Things Are About To Get Tougher. The Bucs are preparing for a road trip that will last until November 10. That starts with a trip to Los Angeles to face the Rams, then at New Orleans, against the Panthers in London, at Tennessee, and at Seattle. That’s brutal. If the Bucs can’t get this game behind them and make the necessary improvements, they could return to Ray Jay already out of the postseason hunt. Then again, performances like this one show exactly how far away this team truly is from having a chance at making the postseason. 6.) Coaches - Be Better. Whether it was Leftwich, Todd Bowles, or Bruce Arians - the whole staff needs to be better. Bowles’ defense wasn’t a threat until midway through the second half. Leftwich showed how inexperienced he is as a playcaller. And Bruce - c’mon man. An intentional delay of game because you believe Gay was better from 34 yards away rather than 29? There was fourteen second left. Mike Evans was unguardable. O.J. Howard was involved and playing well. Take a shot or two at the end zone. Don’t leave it on the kicker - and don’t make the kick harder on purpose. This staff is smart enough to know better. It was almost like they were out thinking themselves and trying to be too cute. That’s not what we expect out of a group like this. Six Numbers To Consider 26 - Touchdowns by the Winston-Evans connection - most in team history by two players 1970 - The last time a rookie QB had 300+ yards passing, two passing touchdowns, and two rushing touchdowns until Daniel Jones in week three 3 - Players in Bucs’ history with four sacks in a game - Shaq Barrett, Simeon Rice, and Marcus Jones 8 - Number of sacks by Barrett through three games, most in the NFL 48 - Days until the Bucs’ next home game 20,378 - Miles the Bucs will travel during the six game road stretch Six Best Ways To Forget This Game 1.) Drink. Heavily. 2.) Watch the Rays close out the season, playing meaningful games to fight for a Wild Card berth 3.) Sleep until October third when the Lightning begin their 2019-20 revenge tour 4.) Get one of those “Men In Black” mind wipe things and take yourself back to a time when you don’t remember being a Buccaneers fan so you can enjoy your Sundays again 5.) Become one of those people that is overly obsessed with their job until you reach the point that you don’t have time to even think about football, let alone watch it 6.) Keep drinking. Six Best Tweets (In No Particular Order) Bucs had a third-and-2 at the Giants' 5, up three with 6:48 left, and ran the ball for no gain. A touchdown there puts them up 10. Even after a Winston INT on previous drive, it's hard to have four plays in the red zone and not attempt a pass.— Greg Auman (@gregauman) September 23, 2019 Me putting on my Bucs shirt every sunday— Mike (@MJ3_TB) September 22, 2019 I called up my dad to tell him how pissed I am at him for making me a Bucs fan— MikeB (@TB_MikeB) September 22, 2019 Matt Gay missed. He is a rookie, he’s stepping into a situation he knew was already a high pressure job for this franchise.. He’s human. Being a kicker is so mental. Let’s give him another chance or we as fans will curse the kickers for this organization for the future.— JC Cornell (@TheJCCornell) September 23, 2019 “I came out of retirement for this?” -Bruce Arians, probably— Bailey Adams (@BaileyJAdams22) September 22, 2019 Shaq Barrett has eight sacks this season.The Denver Broncos have zero.— Trevor Sikkema (@TampaBayTre) September 22, 2019 Six Super Bowl Bets As always, the list is completed before the Sunday Night game is over 1.) New England Patriots - No Antonio Brown, no problem. Pats are so damn good. 2.) Kansas City Chiefs - Defense finally had a decent showing. Mahomes is freaking ridiculous 3.) Dallas Cowboys - I know. Gag. They just keep winning, though 4.) New Orleans Saints - They keep playing like that with Drew Brees out and the rest of the NFC is in big trouble when Brees returns 5.) Green Bay Packers - Not sure how, but the Packers are 3-0 26.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Too many problems to fix this quickly thanks to years of ineptitude. Bruce & Co. have their work cut out for them Six Final Words So...Is It Hockey Season, Yet?

  • The Crow’s Nest: A giant loss
    by Gil Arcia on September 23, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Photo by John Babiak/Bucs Nation Web links on the Buccaneers. Bucs vs. Giants Game Recap: New York Takes Down Tampa, 32-31 | Pewter ReportFootball weather is different depending on where you live. Delay of game penalty dooms Buccaneers' FG attempt - NFL.comBuccaneers kicker Matt Gay's last-second field-goal attempt was six inches too far to the right. If not for an intentional delay-of-game penalty taken two plays prior, the kick might've gone in. "We Should've Had A Twist Inside To Stop The Quarterback Draw" - JoeBucsFan.comBucco Bruce Arians wasn’t all sunshine and daisies about his defensive coordinator after today’s game. Bucs' Bruce Arians says he made Matt Gay kick from longer on purposeMatt Gay missed a 34-yard field goal that would have won the game for the Buccaneers. It could have been even shorter. Kicking woes resurface as Bucs blow 18-point lead in 32-31 loss to Giants - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blog- ESPNJust when it seemed the Bucs' well-documented kicking issues were gone, Matt Gay missed a 34-yarder with four seconds left to drop the Bucs to 1-2. QB Jones leads Giants' rally vs. Bucs in 1st startGiants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones led the Giants back from an 18-point deficit at halftime and scored the go-ahead touchdown in Sunday's 32-31 win over the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay Buccaneers blow 18-point lead, fall to New York Giants 32-31Giants 32, Bucs 31: Tampa Bay was done in by another rookie quarterback.


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