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  • The Daily Twitter: 7 December 2019
    by Bill-in-Bangkok on December 7, 2019 at 5:00 am

    Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports News, links to articles, updates and more from DC area writers and national sports journalists The Daily Twitter will be posted at the beginning of every day (at midnight in Washington, DC). The goal is to give readers a handy spot to check the Redskins beat writers & bloggers, and national sports journalists to keep up on the latest news about the Redskins, the NFL, and sports in general, along with a smattering of other things. NFL News twitter feed: Tweets from Redskins twitter feed: Tweets from Congrats to @darrellgreen28 and Ken Houston on being named to the #NFL100 All-Time Team‼️ #HTTR :— Washington Redskins (@Redskins) December 7, 2019 3 Super Bowls With 3 different starting QBs.@Redskins legendary coach Joe Gibbs has been named to the #NFL100 All-Time Team— NFL Network (@nflnetwork) December 7, 2019 The team and coaching staff currently doing the best job in the NFC East resides right here in the #DMV. Seriously, look at each team in the division and tell me I’m wrong. I’m seeing progress in the young #Redskins and decline from the other teams. I still think Eagles win div.— Lake Lewis Jr (@LakeLewis) December 6, 2019 Now for Bruce.#FireBruceAllen— Sean Kennedy (@EatSleepRedskin) December 6, 2019 The NFC East has NEVER been won with an 8-8 record. For that streak to continue, Dallas must finish 3-0 and/or Philly 4-0They both have only one win in last 4 games.— Rich Eisen (@richeisen) December 6, 2019 Mike Tomlin is one of 3 head coaches to use 3 different quarterbacks, including an undrafted rookie, within the first 12 games of a season and sit over .500.The others: Rich Kotite (1991 Eagles) and Joe Gibbs (1987 Redskins).#TweetItOrDeleteIt— Mike Golic (@espngolic) December 6, 2019 Good nugget from @AlbertBreer on the show today. He said that the Redskins are getting some push back from initial head coaching candidates based on their front office structure.— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) December 6, 2019 So while the "Can Bruce save his job by winning out" storyline is fair, if the Redskins are doing this properly, the decision will be made and carried out much earlier.— michael phillips (@michaelpRTD) December 6, 2019 Here's a guarantee I have: I will never root for the Redskins again if Dan Snyder continues to employ Bruce Allen in the Front Office.— Jay (@RedskinsCult) December 6, 2019 My dude @JPFinlayNBCS has recently dropped two casual hints on his #RedskinsTalk pod about Alex Smith having a front-office role with the #Redskins next year. This is a formal request for elaboration.— Burgundy Blog (@BurgundyBlog) December 5, 2019 The #Redskins allowed Preston Smith to walk during the offseason. He’s developed dramatically since joining the Packers, improving various aspects:- Timing snap count & 1st step burst- More variety of pass rush moves- Improved hand useFull breakdown:— Mark Bullock (@MarkBullockNFL) December 6, 2019 For those that look at Preston Smith and the impact he's having in Green Bay and thinking "the #Redskins should have kept him", let me offer you this. The #Skins signed Matt Ioannidis to an extension last off-season, a player, who IMO, has a far greater impact on the defense.— Disco (@discoque5) December 6, 2019 All this Ron Rivera content has moved him up into my top 3 HC candidates. Dude clearly loves his players and they love him back. But he's no-BS; old school.Top 3: Bieniemy, Rhule, Rivera— Hogs Haven (@HogsHaven) December 6, 2019 Dwayne Haskins is in full support of AB to D.C.— NBC Sports Redskins (@NBCSRedskins) December 6, 2019 “But you put [Haskins] in that spread attack in a two minute drill uptempo, he looks like a totally different, confident quarterback. And I want to see more of that.”LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THR BACK.— FGB (@FiftyGutBlog) December 6, 2019 #Redskins RBs coach Randy Jordan says @DhaSickest has the power of a Marshawn Lynch and the hands of a Chris Thompson."Like I said over and over again, I think [Guice] has a chance to be elite."— Kyle Stackpole (@kylefstackpole) December 6, 2019 Watch Flowers pull and the movement he gets on impact!— Mark Tyler(Hogs Haven) (@Tiller56) November 25, 2019 : NFL 100 All-Time Team defensive backs, special teams revealed— Around The NFL (@AroundTheNFL) December 7, 2019 .@DarrellGreen28 had serious speed, athleticism and toughness. : #NFL100 All-Time Team on @NFLNetwork— NFL (@NFL) December 7, 2019 A pure strong safety.Ken Houston is a legend for the Oilers and @Redskins. : #NFL100 All-Time Team on @NFLNetwork— NFL (@NFL) December 7, 2019 Super hard going against Belichick, but Coach Joe gets vote for best coach I've seen. Three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks and none Hall of Famers.— Ben Standig (@BenStandig) December 7, 2019 Weird considering Brian Mitchell is the NFL's all-time leader in punt+kick return yards (by 4,010 yards) and second all-time in all-purpose yards (trails Jerry Rice by 216 yards).— Jake Russell (@_JakeRussell) December 7, 2019 Trent Williams should stop talking.....After another interesting interview with @Lescarpenter - he needs to remember who controls his rights. The @Redskins do. We explain --> #NFL #Skins @SInow— Chris Russell (@Russellmania621) December 6, 2019 Strange but still true: The 6-7 Cowboys have scored more points than the 10-2 Seahawks.The 6-7 Cowboys have also allowed fewer points than the 10-2 Seahawks.Dallas has also gained more yards than Seattle and allowed fewer yards than Seattle.— Football Perspective (@fbgchase) December 6, 2019 Sooo the #Cowboys are going to land Urban Meyer or Lincoln Riley...The #Redskins are going to hire who ?? Let me guess - somebody they know that will be a pushover & controllable. Todd Bowles?— Chris Russell (@Russellmania621) December 6, 2019 Thats not even true for any team in the NFL. 10% would basically be 5 players. This is where things are with cap $ in 2020 . The Rams have $110M in 5 guys. Thats about 55% of a $200M cap. Average team is around $80M or 40%. Maybe he meant to say top 10 players which is closer— Jason_OTC (@Jason_OTC) December 7, 2019 Jerry Jones to start his @1053thefan interview when asked if he’s embarrassed: “Get your damn act together yourself. OK? Settle down just a little bit. ... I don’t like your attitude to come in. I’ve been traveling all night and don’t have the patience to jack with you today.”— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) December 6, 2019 .@dallascowboys v @ChicagoBears @ceeflashpee84 goes for 33 yards on a 2 yard “hot read”. Seriously, tackling. Remember that part about tackling? This is how you get bounced out of the tournament in January #BaldysBreakdowns— Brian Baldinger (@BaldyNFL) December 6, 2019 yes, but be careful: the NFC West went 10-30 in 2008 regular season before the Cardainals went to the Super Bowl!Regular season only, 2008 NFC West was worst division since1970. 2019 NFC East is very close! Including playoffs, 2013 NFC South the worst, as '08 NFCW moves up.— Football Perspective (@fbgchase) December 6, 2019 Ok ... I NEVER said I was not happy in Cleveland, just like everyone else I’m hopeful for better results. Period. Next story plzz ...— Odell Beckham Jr (@obj) December 6, 2019 The size of this whale— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) December 6, 2019

  • Bill Callahan/Kevin O'Connell Redskins Pressers: "It's no secret we want to run the football"
    by Scott Jennings on December 6, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images Bill Callahan and Kevin O'Connell answered questions from the media after today's practice Redskins interim Head Coach Bill Callahan and Offensive Coordinator Kevin O'Connell spoke to the media after today's practice. They talked about the Redskins young WRs, running back rotations, preparing for the Packers, injuries, and more. Watch Live: Post-Practice Press Conferences— Washington Redskins (@Redskins) December 6, 2019 Injury updates: Callahan at the podium. Paul Richardson, Deshazor Everett and Trey Quinn are out.Everett’s shoulder flared up on Thursday, Callahan said.— Matthew Paras (@Matthew_Paras) December 6, 2019 Per Bill Callahan, Paul Richardson and Trey Quinn are both OUT this week. That means rookie Steven Sims Jr. will likely get his first-career start at WR on Sunday.— Kyle Stackpole (@kylefstackpole) December 6, 2019 Preparing for the Packers: "We prepared the best we could today. Throughout the week, we’ve had good focus, we’ve had good practices. I think the energy level has been positive. Preparation, I think in all phases in meeting, in the meeting rooms and on the field has been really good. So, I feel like we’re prepared and ready to play a good game. They’re a good team, we know what their record is, we know what their record is at home, especially in December. So, we understand all those factors and those challenges and we’re excited about going up there and playing.” Za'Darius Smith: "I think it was a really great pick up that they had in the offseason. He lines up just about anywhere and everywhere. So, he’s going to play the end positions right and left, he’s going to get over the guards, he’s played off the line of scrimmage. So, they’re using him in a lot of different capacities. It’s really impressive to watch his ability to pressure, to pressure rush, from those various alignments that give him a uniqueness that I haven’t seen in a long time. Haven’t seen a rusher like him bring the combination of power, speed, length, close and then get over the guards and show edge ability and put cans and power as well. It’s pretty rare to see a guy like him and his abilities to dominate at the different positions and levels that he’s been featured at.” Cowboys: Bill Callahan said he didn’t watch the Cowboys-Bears game, was preparing for Sunday. Does know the score— Les Carpenter (@Lescarpenter) December 6, 2019 Callahan didn't watch last night's game. With the team playing Green Bay in two days, they're more focused on Sunday. Any potential postseason talks are meaningless unless they can upset the Packers. #Redskins #HTTR— Zach Selby (@DarDarBinx61) December 6, 2019 Kevin O'Connell Presser Derrius Guice: Kevin O’Connell talking now - says “the violent finish” from Derrius Guice last week stood out and Redskins need that again in Green Bay— JP Finlay (@JPFinlayNBCS) December 6, 2019 offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell at the podium.Said Derrius Guice's patience is a quality that many people saw in him before he was drafted. #Redskins #HTTR— Zach Selby (@DarDarBinx61) December 6, 2019 Running back rotation: “We try to tag plays, tag reps that they’re going to get in practice and take them to the games, but sometimes, like last week, we kind of had to adjust. We had a plan going into that game of maybe wanting to run more interior runs where we would try to isolate things in the zebra game, the three wide receiver game, and then early on, you guys saw, we went backwards on that first drive and they did some things we hadn’t really seen going into that game. So, we kind of had to adjust. Then when that happens, it’s really on myself and [Running Backs Coach] Randy Jordan to really figure out, ‘Ok, how do we get these guys equal touches?’ And make sure situationally is one thing, 25 [RB Chris Thompson] is going to be coming into the game, but we also want to have [RB] Derrius [Guice] and [RB Adrian Peterson] in there for some third downs because the ability to run the football, but also those guys are real talents out of the backfield as well. They’re hard to tackle. Derrius’ ability to make people miss in space is something that I’m always trying to find on early downs in the pass game. So, from the standpoint of touches ‒ that’s how I talk to AP and Derrius, I say touches. One guy might have 10 carries, the other guy might have five, but then the other guy with five carries has four receptions. It’s touches. It’s how many times in the game can we get those guys in space while also giving them power run game to impose their will on the defense, which obviously they were able to do last week.” Run the football: O’Connell- “It’s no secret we want to run the football.”— JP Finlay (@JPFinlayNBCS) December 6, 2019 "Yeah, I think it’s important because those guys, especially – everybody’s seen so many games up there where they get hot offensively and if you put your defense in some tough spots they can put some points on the board in a hurry, so we’ve got to be really smart about how we try to attack early on, take our shots where we can. It’s no secret, we want to run the football. We’ve had some success in more games than others, but we stick to the run. That’s what we want to do and it’s my job to make sure that I’m building things in around the run game, how we want to do it that particular week and make sure we’re doing it with the play-pass and trying to move the quarterback a little bit. But also, when we do decide to pass it, we’ve got a great reason to, we’ve got a great plan to try to get our playmakers the ball in space, so it all works together. When you’re playing against a quarterback like this and really a defense like this – I mean, that secondary and their pass rush and what they want to do defensively, we’ve got to make sure we try to impose our will a little early on in the game with whatever the conditions may be. That’s a whole other part of it, but it’s a tremendous task for us, a difficult challenge for sure.” Packers: O'Connell: we have to know when to take our shots against the Packers."When you're playing against a quarterback like this, we have to try to impose our will." #Redskins #HTTR— Zach Selby (@DarDarBinx61) December 6, 2019 Steven Sims Jr.: O'Connell said @StevenSimsJr is going to play a lot of snaps with Quinn out. Also emphasized getting Sims touches, whether those are receptions or otherwise. #Redskins— Kyle Stackpole (@kylefstackpole) December 6, 2019 "Well, I can remember talking to him to you guys when were in Richmond, just some of the impacts he was making on a daily basis. It’s just always finding that balance between asking him to do too much between his special teams responsibilities, what we’re trying to do in the run game, understanding our concepts from that standpoint. It’s not just about his impact in the pass game – which is clear – or his impact in some of the gadget type plays where we can get him involved in the run game. It’s one of those things where, how much can we put on his plate before it becomes too much? And you never really quite know that the way the week’s put together with the situational football coming throughout the week. All of a sudden you look at the gameplan and you see a lot of 15 tags on the sheet, you see a lot of plays for him. What he’s done a great job of for a young player is just managing that – a couple more plays each week, a couple more plays – and now he’s to the point, especially with [WR] Trey [Quinn] being dinged up that we need him. He’s going to play a lot of snaps and he’s definitely somebody that I think about trying to get touches to, not just receptions, not just targets in the pass game, but just touches of the football on first, second and third down.” Chris Thompson: O'Connell said Chris Thompson's attention to detail helps him be such a reliable back. #Redskins #HTTR— Zach Selby (@DarDarBinx61) December 6, 2019 Dwayne Haskins Jr.: Kevin O’Connell happy with what he saw from Haskins last week. Better handling protections. Says he “wants to be coached hard.” Wants to see more consistency with feet/eyes. The little things.— John Keim (@john_keim) December 6, 2019 Kevin O’Connell said he really liked the way Dwayne Haskins handled the pocket last Sunday, sticking in against an aggressive pass rush to go through his progressions.— Les Carpenter (@Lescarpenter) December 6, 2019 "I think what I loved best about [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.] on Sunday was it was a game we talked about – even in here last week – we talked about their pass rush and their ability to get pressure on the quarterback. What he did so well, I thought, was navigate the pocket. I thought he handled his progressions for the most part and going back I think we counted four or five where maybe he turned down one of his 1A, 1B type progressions to get through a progression. Situationally, he was trying to do a little bit too much at times, but that’s normal for a young, competitive player like that – he’s trying to score, he’s trying to make plays. We’ve just got to continue to keep him in the confines of what we need him to do from a footwork, timing, anticipation standpoint. And then the plays where, ‘Hey, it’s time to turn it loose,’ that was one of the best things. There was about three throws in the two minute drive in the two minute that I can think of and then the last third down to [WR] Kelvin [Harmon] he makes a great decision. Even the go ball to [WR] Terry [McLaurin] where we didn’t complete it, I thought he threw a really good ball, he held the safety, the timing of getting that ball up. There was just some little things that he’s starting to do. Things are clicking for him, it’s just continually a progression of how much of our system, how much of the offense can we take to Green Bay with us where we feel like he can play consistently like that. He’s working his butt off, I can’t talk enough about his work ethic on a daily basis. He’s getting with [Quarterbacks Coach] Tim [Rattay] and myself and he wants to be coached hard, and the last three, four weeks we’ve done that. He’s been able to take some of it to Sundays, but he’d be the first one to tell you there’s still little things that we’ve got to get cleaned up from a standpoint of consistency with his feet and eyes. I’m hoping we take another step forward this weekend against a really good defense.” Defenses Redskins young WRs: “I think some teams more so than others. It really shows up situationally. Some teams in our league right now use single high in the red zone has been a popular thing, it really has been for the past couple years, but now it’s trying to figure out where that help is, trying to figure out, ‘Are they doubling [WR] Terry [McLaurin]?’ It might not be someone screaming in the middle of the field, ‘Hey I’m doubling 17 [Terry McLaurin].’ It might look like a post-safety look and then all of a sudden, [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.] has to see the demeanor of that DB go double him with his eyes and his location post-snap and then that does activate the throws to [WR] Kelvin [Harmon]. Maybe a double-move, we throw quite a bit of in-breaking routes to Kelvin and I think that speaks to his willingness. Not everybody can handle that. Not everybody can handle being a third or fourth progression on an in-breaking when there is safeties and linebackers in the middle of the field. I think it’s a testament to his toughness, his detail, understanding where we need him in the progression for Dwayne, but also understanding that he’s going to be a first progression every now and again, too. It’s not just where a situation where we can take five steps in the gun and just look for 17. If it was that simple, I would get home a lot earlier every week, I know that. So, we’re always trying to find the best possible concepts that we can isolate 17 and then if the defense wants to dictate, ‘Hey, we’re not going to let you have him this play.’ That’s when 15 [WR Kelvin Harmon] and 13 [WR Steven Sims Jr.], our three rookies, kind of working together to help each other get open. It’s really cool to watch because I think they’re starting to get it a little bit and we have to go do it again Sunday.” Redskins vs Packers Injury Report

  • 2019 Week 14: Redskins (3-9) at Packers (9-3)
    by Bryan H. Stabbe on December 6, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images The Redskins are on a winning streak for the first time in 2019, can they keep their winning ways alive? They face a tough test in the division leading Green Bay Packers on the road, follow along on Hogs Haven for all the news and notes of the week.

  • Hogs Haven 2020 NFL Draft Coverage: Utah Preview
    by durst on December 6, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports An early preview of the Utah players who may be prominent in the 2020 NFL draft Durst’s 2020 NFL Draft: Utah Preview As part of Hogs Haven’s pre-draft coverage, I have been previewing one team per week throughout the college football season. While I an unable to preview all of the conference championships, one of the biggest games this weekend will be when Oregon and Utah battle it out Friday night for the PAC-12 Championship. After beating Colorado last weekend, the Utah Utes are now 11-1 on the season and will enter the game ranked #5 in the nation. A win will likely get the Utes into the college football playoffs. It’s notable, that around this time last year, Utah was 9-1, but finished the 2018 season with a 9-3 record after losing to Washington in last season’s Pac-12 Championship before ending their season with a loss to Northwestern in the Holiday Bowl. However, there may have never been a Utah team with so many NFL prospects. Already, six Utah players have been invited to participate in the Senior Bowl, including five defenders. That is more than any school, since Auburn sent nine (six on defense) to Mobile in 1988. Bout to be the Utes vs. everybody in Mobile, AL #SeniorBowl— Utah Football (@Utah_Football) November 15, 2019 Recently, both Dane Brugler and Pro Football Focus did an in depth look at Utah and each came away impressed. This season, I have watched Utah play USC, BYU, and parts of the Washington and Colorado games. POTENTIAL FIRST ROUND PROSPECTS While in terms of NFL prospects, the Utes might have their best team ever, I still don’t view any of their players as first round prospects. POSSIBLE DAY TWO (ROUNDS 2-3) PROSPECTS #1 Jaylon Johnson (Jr.) CB 5-11, 194. Just a junior, Johnson has already graduated, and plans on declaring early for the 2020 NFL Draft. As a college graduate, Johnson would be also eligible to play to play in the Senior Bowl, giving Utah six defenders in the game. As a very good cover corner, Johnson is arguably the Utes’ top pro prospect. A top-10 ranked cornerback recruit out of high school, he will likely will be one of the top-10 cornerbacks in the 2020 draft class. Johnson emerged as a First Team All-Pac 12 performer last season as a sophomore, and this season leads the Utes in passes defended (10), which also ranks fourth-best in the conference. He twisted his ankle in last weekend’s win over Colorado, and might be a game time decision for the PAC-12 Championship. Dane Brugler considers Johnson a Top-50 prospect, but cautions he doesn’t have ideal size to match up against bigger receiver. According to Brugler, Johnson also “must improve his ability to find the ball, gain proper positioning and make a play without excess contact.” Johnson has the competitive mindset to play out on an island. He should check all the boxes in terms of what NFL teams are looking for in regards to height, weight, arm length, and speed. #2 Zack Moss (Sr.) RB 5-10 222. This season, Moss has 200 carries for 1,246 yards with 15 touchdowns. Just a few days ago, he was named to Pro Football Focus All-American team. According to PFF’s charting, Moss broke the record held by David Montgomery by forcing a missed tackle on 39% of his attempts (78 broken tackles on 199 carries). Additionally, he finished seventh in total yards after contact with 929, averaging the fifth-best yards after contact per attempt at 4.7, and his rushing conversion percentage ranks inside the top 20 among all running backs.” Utah's Zack Moss is the highest-graded running back in college football!— PFF College (@PFF_College) November 28, 2019 As a true freshman, Moss worked in as a back-up to starter Joe Williams finishing with a 84/382/2 line. A starter during his sophomore and junior seasons, he accumulated a total of 2,269 rushing yards with 37 catches, and was believed to be leaning toward declaring for the 2019 draft until having season-ending surgery caused him to miss the final five games in 2018. Moss is the cousin of former Redskins’ receiver Santana Moss, and was a high school teammate of Utah’s starting quarterback, Tyler Huntley and receiver Demari Simpkins. In 2019, Moss suffered an AC joint injury to his left shoulder early (Moss was injured after just six carries in the Utes’ loss at USC in September) in the team’s loss to the Trojans, causing him to miss the Washington State game. In Utah’s 2019 opener, Moss broke 16 tackles against BYU. The Utes’ all-time leading rusher, Moss is the highest-rated Utah prospect on draft analyst Dane Brugler’s draft board, but has had a history of nagging injuries (knee 2018, shoulder 2019). In uniform, he looks somewhat slow and/or overweight. However, rarely does the first guy to hit him take him down. Moss is a mature and nuanced runner, with good instincts and vision, along with great contact balance. An above average blocker, he can also be useful catching passes out of the backfield. Will wear a defense down in the 4th quarter. A better prospect than former Utah RBs Joe Williams (Rd4, 2017) and Devontae Booker (Rd4, 2016), his running style reminds me of another Miami native, Frank Gore. #6 Bradlee Anae (Sr.) DE 6-4, 263. With one-and-a-half sacks this past Saturday against Colorado, Anae now has 29 career sacks, tying Hunter Dimick’s school record. A three year starter, Anae has been the PAC-12’s most feared pass rusher that past few seasons. After leading the Pac-12 with 8 sacks last season, Anae already has a career best 12.5 sacks, with at least two more games left this season. According to Pro Football Focus, “Anae is an absolute technician off the edge who has given some of the Pac-12’s best tackles – USC’s Austin Jackson and Washington’s Trey Adams – fits this year. Only Ohio State’s Chase Young and Michigan’s Josh Uche have higher pass-rushing grades than Anae’s 90.5 this season.” Bradlee Anae is a pass-rush specialist!— PFF College (@PFF_College) November 22, 2019 Anae comes from a football family. His father, Brad played in the old USFL. Between his snap anticipation and initial quickness, Anae is able to defeat average blockers despite his lack of elite length or explosiveness. While Anae will be seeking to break the Utes’ school sack record this Friday, he will have to earn it, as most of the night he will be going against Oregon’s stud left tackle, Penei Sewell. PFF’s PAC-12 Player of the Year, they charted Sewell with 420 reps in pass protection, giving up pressure on just 1.4% of his pass-blocking snaps (6 total) in 2019. This game with go along way in determining if Anae can truly be an effective pass rusher in the NFL, or as much of his production come against weaker competition. Personally, I see Anae as more of a Rd3 prospect. #99 Leki Fotu (Sr.) DT 6-5, 332. A 6-foot-6, 335 pound behemoth defensive tackle, Fotu entered Utah as a 6-foot-6, 255 pound defensive end prospect. Fotu was a first team All PAC-12 in 2018 and is expected to repeat that earning this season. Last spring, Fotu told reporters that he had heard third- and fourth-round talk before deciding to return for his senior season. According to Pro Football Focus, Fotu showed more as a pass-rusher in 2018 when he racked up 35 pressures. Potentially, the best pure nose tackle in this class, Fotu probably still goes late Rd3 to early Rd4. LIKELY DAY THREE (ROUNDS 4-7) PROSPECTS #23 Julian Blackmon (Sr.) S/CB 6-0, 185. Just a few days ago, Blackmon was named to Pro Football Focus All-American team. PFF explains the selection: “The transition to safety from cornerback paid big dividends for Blackmon, as he finished the regular season as the Utes’ highest-graded player on defense among a star-studded cast of characters. Blackmon made nine total plays on the ball including four interceptions and five more pass breakups as he displayed his strong coverage skills more often than not. He missed just seven of his total 56 tackle attempts and recorded 11 stops across the board.” Utes players and a coach earn honors this week, headlined by Blackmon and Moss being named All-Americans— Red All Over (@sltributes) December 2, 2019 After starting all 27 games his sophomore and junior seasons at cornerback, this season Blackmon moved to free safety, replacing Marquise Blair (Rd2, 2019). As a corner, many draft analysts graded him as a potential day two pick if he had declared for the 2019 NFL draft. While PFF grades his overall body of work as elite, there have been some notable struggles I have picked up on when watching the USC (WR, Michael Pittman) and Washington (TE, Hunter Bryant) games and I don’t think he is quite the prospect that Blair was. #13 Francis Bernard (rSr.) LB 5-11, 242. A former running back, Bernard’s breakout season didn’t some until his senior season. He originally started his college career at BYU, before transferring to Utah. He played in 22 games at BYU from 2015-16, starting 12 games in 2016. Forced to sit out the 2017 season, he started just two games (Washington in the Pac-12 Championship and Northwestern in the Holiday Bowl) in 2018. According to Pro Football Focus, Bernard been one of the better coverage linebackers in college football with a career 92.6 coverage grade across 766 snaps. Meanwhile, Brugler writes “while he doesn’t lack for play toughness or violence, the battle is over once blockers latch on, leading to him being washed out of the play.” While he is a very active defender, I am not sure he is a starting caliber NFL linebacker. #26 Terrell Burgess (Sr.) Safety 6-0, 194. Burgess is another Utah player who did not become a consistent starter until just this year, but has played well enough to earn an invite to the Senior Bowl. Congrats, Terrell! You are proof to all the other players out there that it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. You weren’t on our preseason @seniorbowl watch list but you popped on tape with all the plays you made this year. Nobody earned this invite more than you!— Jim Nagy (@JimNagy_SB) November 13, 2019 According to PFF, Burgess has a coverage grade of 90.2 (tied for 3rd in the nation), has allowed just 5.7 yards per reception. He also has yet to allow a touchdown into his coverage while nabbing an interception as well as four pass breakups en route to a 57.5 passer rating when targeted. #1 Tyler Huntley (Sr.) QB 6-1 205. The“Hallandale Trio” consists of quarterback Tyler Huntley, wide receiver Demari Simpkins, and running back Zack Moss, who were high school teammates at Hallandale HS in Miami Florida. The biggest catalyst for the Utes dominance this season has been the consistency and leadership of Huntley who is completing 75.5 percent of his passes (2nd nationally behind only LSU’s Joe Burrow) for 2,773 yards with 16 touchdowns and two interceptions. Huntley’s 188.65 passer rating ranks 5th nationally and he also has ran for 255 yards and five more scores. Quarterback guru, Mark Schofield’s RSP Scouting Lens did this Youtube feature on Huntley. Schofield says he remains composed and creates space in the face of pressure, and considers him a very good quarterback prospect. Huntley is probably the most notable Utah prospect who has not (yet?) been invited to the Senior Bowl, he has already secured an invitation to the East-West Shrine Game. While he has some fans in the draft media, most consider Huntley to be a late-round prospect. OTHERS #52 John Penisini (rSr.) DT 6-1, 324. Going into the PAC-12 Championship, Penisini has recorded 35 tackles, seven solo, two forced fumbles and two sacks this season. He has accepted an invitation to play in the East/West Shrine Bowl, but is seen as a fringe late round/UDFA. #77 Darrin Paulo (rSr.) OT. After starting 26 games at RT during the 2017-18 seasons, Paulo started at LT for his senior season. Rotoworld blurbs Paulo is “almost universally seen as an undrafted free agent right now”, but he has accepted his invitation to the East-West Shrine Game, and a strong showing there could boost him into the back half of Day 3.

  • Let’s send Tress Way to the Pro Bowl!!
    by Bill-in-Bangkok on December 6, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports In fact, he should be MVP! Click here to vote for the Pro Bowl TRESS WAY 58-YARD PUNT#ProBowlVote + Tress Way— Kyle Stackpole (@kylefstackpole) December 1, 2019 Here’s the info from Early in the Redskins’ Week 5 matchup with the New England Patriots on Oct. 6, Tress Way corralled the snap, took a few steps forward and unleashed a left-footed punt deep downfield. The boot traveled 62 yards -- one of Way’s longest of the season -- but that’s not why it garnered headlines from the local media. The punt was noteworthy because it landed in the end zone for a touchback, something that Way had not done since Week 15...of the 2017 season. That’s 115 punts without a touchback -- a streak that stretched 24 games. During that span, 56 of those punts (48.7%) were downed inside the 20-yard line. And since that touchback against the Patriots, Way has punted 41 more times; just one of them has gone into the end zone. Related: The 5 O’Clock Club: Tress Way - Redskins MVP We all saw the 79-yard punt that shot through the Panthers end zone on Sunday. Another Tress Way special that netted 59 yards after the touchback. Tress Way has been the key to the Redskins ability to play field-position football for two seasons. His leg isn’t just strong — he has a tough that allows him to keep dropping the football near, but not across, the opponents goal line like a beautiful chip shot onto the green. Jay Gruden on @Tress_Way's punts this season: “He looks like he's hitting soft 9-irons into @TheMasters ninth green for goodness sakes.” ️‍♂️— Washington Redskins (@Redskins) November 13, 2018 More from Thirteen weeks into the 2019 campaign, Way ranks No. 1 in the NFL in punt average (49.9 yards) and net punt average (44.4 yards) -- both of which would be career highs. Furthermore, he’s third in gross punt yards (2,996), fifth in net punt yards (2,665) and 10th with 22 punts downed inside the 20-yard line. And if that’s not enough, he has just two touchbacks on 60 total punts. He also earned NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his performance against Carolina on Dec. 1, when he averaged 58.0 yards per punt and booted a 79-yarder -- the longest punt in the NFL this season. Click here to vote for the Pro Bowl Outside of maybe wide receiver Terry McLaurin and safety Landon Collins, Way has been the Redskins’ most valuable weapon this season. He’s bailed out a struggling offense and pinned opponents deep in their own territory, making the defense’s job that much easier. And he almost never allows teams to reap the benefits of touchbacks. Way has been one of, if not the best punter in the NFL since the beginning of the last season, yet his accomplishments have not been recognized league wide. His historic 2018 campaign did not warrant an All-Pro nod or a Pro Bowl appearance. With 41 punts inside the 20-yard line and zero touchbacks, Way was named Redskins’ Special Teams Player of the Year, but nothing more. Way has often been overlooked by those outside of Washington, but you can help change that. Vote Way to the 2020 Pro Bowl by visiting Then ... vote again.


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