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  • This tiny video clip will get you insanely hyped about Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator
    by RJ Ochoa on May 24, 2019 at 12:00 am

    All hail Kellen? This past Tuesday saw the beginning of OTAs for the 2019 Dallas Cowboys and that’s a big deal considering it’s a milestone on the road back to real football. These practices serve as opportunities for the team to begin work with new players and more importantly on new schemes and implementations. Dallas doesn’t have a whole new coaching staff to bring in something radically different, but they do have a new offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore. What Moore is able to do in his first year running the offense he once quarterbacked is going to determine the future of another former signal-caller for the franchise, head coach Jason Garrett. The team’s current man that lines up behind center also has a legacy on the line of sorts as many people want to see Dak Prescott take the next step. But what exactly will Moore be bringing to the Cowboys? We haven’t seen anything yet so it’s hard to know for sure. What we do have for now is a hype video that the team over at the mothership put out, and it’s important to pay attention to what’s happening in the middle of it... DAK PRESCOTT IS RUNNING THE BALL INTENTIONALLY! This tiny clip should get you insanely hyped about Kellen Moore. The why will be obvious. (via @dallascowboys) pic.twitter.com/pYiHpL2DkO— Blogging The Boys (@BloggingTheBoys) May 22, 2019 Look, no one is trying to tell you that a video less than 10 seconds long that was put out in May is the reason that the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl. What we are saying is that it’s insanely fresh to see something fans have been screaming for - designed runs for the mobile quarterback - being put into practice. Sometimes the best solutions are the most obvious ones. Prescott has 18 rushing touchdowns over the course of his three-year NFL career and his abilities on the ground (especially in the redzone) are among the very best when it comes to quarterbacks specifically. To ignore those traits and assets is indefensible, likely part of the reason that Scott Linehan is no longer in charge of the fate of the offense. How about a round of applause for Kellen Moore getting Dak’s feet moving? It’s amazing how much work it’s taken to get here, but thank goodness we made it. […]

  • UDFA wide receiver impresses at the Cowboys first OTA sessions
    by Dave Halprin on May 23, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    A young rookie is getting a shout out from the Cowboys after OTAs The Dallas Cowboys have re-tooled their wide receiver position over the past year. Their top three receivers used to be Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley. None of those three will be catching passes for the Dallas Cowboys in 2019. The team has gone in a new direction by trading for their top receiver, Amari Cooper, drafting their number two guy, Michael Gallup, and signing their slot receiver in free agency, Randall Cobb. They also have some impressive depth with veterans Tavon Austin, Allen Hurns and Noah Brown. They will be waiting to see what another draft pick from last year, Cedrick Wilson, can bring to the table after he sat out last year with injury. Trying to make the roster as a wide receiver this year is going to be a challenge if you’re not one of the top guys. One player is ready to take on that challenge and is already turning heads. That guy is UDFA Jon’Vea Johnson, a rookie from Toledo who was one of the Cowboys 30 pre-draft visitors. The Cowboys elected not to take a wide receiver in the draft, but once it was over they picked up a few guys, and Johnson was among them. Here was how Lance Zierlein described him prior to the draft. Johnson is an outside receiver with slot experience who has the deep speed to create some vertical separation and put it in the paint against speed-challenged cornerbacks. He’s below average as a gather-and-cut route runner and will need to run routes that keep him moving and allow him to unlock his speed. His hands run hot and cold but are generally a plus. His game may be a little limited on the pro level, but he has the speed and enough talent to warrant a Day 3 look. As should be obvious, Johnson’s primary calling card is his speed. Just a few weeks ago at rookie minicamp he said his goal was to be the guy that can take the top off the defense. Here is a pre-draft breakdown from Bleacher Report: Athlete who dominated the Toledo pro day with an unofficial time of 4.38 seconds in the 40-yard dash, a vertical jump of 35 inches and a broad jump of 10’8”. Has played both inside and outside at Toledo and has experience with running routes from multiple alignments. Certified deep threat with the speed to run away from coverage and command attention deep. Has the vertical skills to make a play on the ball in the air. Of course, he has his weaknesses. His frame is thin, he may not be the most technical route-runner and he has had problems with drops. But for an UDFA, he does have that one thing you can not teach, speed. In the OTAs, he caught the attention of Cowboys receivers coach Sanjay Lal. “Jon’Vea the last two days, his speed and athleticism and how smooth he is has shown up here almost a little bit earlier than we thought it would,” Lal said Wednesday, “because we think he’s going to process. Most young guys are thinking a lot. He’s done a good job of learning his plays and coming out here and showing what he can do.” Like we mentioned, the wide receiver corps is deep in Dallas. Breaking your way into that group is a tough proposition, but Johnson brings an element any offense can use - speed. If he can refine his technique and show he is tough enough to handle the physicality of the NFL, he’ll stand a chance. He may not make the 53-man roster, but the practice squad could be his goal. Enjoy some highlights. […]

  • Robert Quinn brings his professional attitude, along with his on-the-field skills, to the Cowboys
    by Dave Halprin on May 23, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    The Cowboys got another RKG in defensive end Robert Quinn. One of the best moves the Cowboys pulled off during the current offseason is acquiring defensive end Robert Quin for a sixth-round 2020 draft pick. Granted, Quinn is no longer the player who put up double-digit sacks each year from 2012-2014, including the monstrous 19 sacks in 2013. Last year with the Miami Dolphins Quinn managed 6.5 sacks, a decidedly average number as far as defensive ends go. Although on the Cowboys 2018 team, that 6.5 sacks would have been second only to DeMarcus Lawrence’s 10.5 sacks. Besides sacks, Quinn had a decent year in other stats. He had 38 combined tackles, 15 QB hits and nine tackles for loss. His AV number for 2018 was his best since 2014. He’s no longer a superstar, but he is a solid contributor who had better stats than any Cowboys defensive end not named Lawrence in 2018. Dallas is getting a guy who can help them on the field and should provide a solid presence opposite DeMarcus Lawrence. They are also getting another of Jason Garrett’s RKG’s. “The overwhelming impression is: What a professional,” the Cowboys head coach said. “Really serious-minded guy who loves football, works very hard at it. ”He’s got the spirit of a rookie coming in and learning things. Obviously [he’s] a very established, accomplished player, but he’s got a young person’s spirit in that he wants to come to work and get better every day. He works very hard in the meeting room, works very hard on the practice field. ”Certainly off to a really good start for us.” The Cowboys have to hope that one day Randy Gregory will be reinstated; he has the kind of talent to bust out and be the long-term answer at defensive end. Right now, though, his presence is not something that can be counted on. So the Cowboys needed someone they could count on, and Quinn is that kind of player. He’s played in 111 games out of a possible 128 regular-season games in his career. Outside of a two-year, injury-filled stretch in 2014/15, he’s been pretty durable and he produces. Quinn is also conscious that there is only one way to stay relevant in the NFL and that is to put in the work. He’s doing that in Dallas. “Whenever it is time to work, you have to put in the full effort because playing football doesn’t come easy,” Quinn said. “Getting stronger doesn’t come easy. You’ve always got to put in a little extra effort to go above and beyond, to stay at the top, especially with the characters and type of players here. You want to push yourself to help this team get better. ”I try to improve my game each and every day, no matter what my résumé says, because I believe it’s still not good enough. I’ve got a lot more work to do myself.” One other thing about Quinn, he really wanted to be here. He wanted to come to Dallas over going to New Orleans, even though based on last year, the Saints were closer to being a Super Bowl contender. In fact, they probably should have gone to the big game if not for an outrageous gaffe by the refs on a pass interference call that actually led to a rule change. Still, Quinn wanted the Cowboys. New Orleans also pursued Quinn. Why not? He does have 69 career sacks. The Dolphins allowed the veteran to visit both clubs before brokering a deal. He chose Dallas because of his respect for coordinator Rod Marinelli and this defensive line. ”I love the way they play,” Quinn said of the Cowboys defensive front. “And then when I walked into the building and met with the coaches... ”It was something. It felt right in the gut and in the heart. This is the place I needed to be. It was a hard decision between the two, but I think ultimately this is the best place for me.” The Cowboys have quality and depth along the defensive line, and Quinn adds to that. He won’t be asked to play every down as Rod Marinelli likes to rotate his players, but he should be the starter and receive the bulk of the time at right end. Tank Lawrence is the star, he’s the leading man, but he might just have gotten the supporting actor he needs to help make the Cowboys defense a Best Picture contender, and the Cowboys team a Super Bowl contender. […]

  • Dak Prescott’s final nine regular-season games in 2018 were actually better than Tom Brady’s
    by RJ Ochoa on May 23, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    Sure, Tom Brady got the Super Bowl, but Dak Prescott was also playing at a high level. It’s no secret that Amari Cooper drastically changed the fortunes for the members of the 2018 Dallas Cowboys. They were 3-4 when he arrived, had one more small misstep, and then rallied with a win streak and an NFC East title (not to mention a playoff win!). This coming season will be interesting as we’ll get to see Cooper play an entire schedule with the Cowboys. Obviously, that means an entire season with his quarterback (and likely soon-to-be fellow wealthy teammate) Dak Prescott. In 2019, the Cowboys will play a variety of interesting games. They host teams like the Packers and Rams, meanwhile they have road trips to tough places like New Orleans, Chicago, and the home of the reigning Super Bowl Champions. That’s right. Dallas will visit the New England Patriots this season for what will likely (although who knows with them) be the last time in the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era. What they’ve done in New England is historic and will likely never be topped, an effort that saw them earn their sixth Lombardi Trophy just a few months ago. An interesting thing about last season for the Patriots and Cowboys is that they were somewhat similar in some ways. Obviously both teams won their divisions and at least a playoff game (the Pats certainly won more than that). Nobody is comparing what the Cowboys did to the Patriots, New England is significantly superior. Please be clear on that. But looking deeper at what both teams accomplished last season, what the two quarterbacks did specifically stood out. Take a look at how Dak fared against Brady over the final nine games of their seasons, that’s the point in time in which Amari Cooper was on the Cowboys. We’ll say it again... in 2018 Tom Brady led to the New England Patriots to a Super Bowl victory for the sixth time. What he did is far more superior than what Prescott did, nobody is arguing anything differently. Looking strictly at how they compared over the second half of the regular season though, Dak held his own. He’s right there with someone of Tom Brady’s caliber which is impressive given the growing debate as to whether he should be paid top dollar for his position (he should). One more time, Dak Prescott is nowhere near Tom Brady, but this data is interesting. It suggests at the very least that Prescott can live and operate in elite company. The most important measurement to many here is obviously wins, he had more than Brady. Check that, the Cowboys had more than the Patriots. Obviously Prescott is a big part of that. There isn’t a soul out there that’s going to tell you that they prefer Dak Prescott over Tom Brady, but what some people will tell you is that they recognize that Dak helps produce similar results to Brady. After all, Prescott has more wins than anyone in the NFL since he entered the league with the exception of the greatest of all-time; if he’s finishing second to Brady he’s doing alright for himself. This data also says a lot about what Amari Cooper brought to the Cowboys which helps establish (as if it wasn’t already) his worth even more. He turned this team, offense, and quarterback into elite commodities and as long as they stay together everything should operate along those same lines. Brady didn’t exactly have a Cooper land with him in the middle of the season, and the time we’re looking at of his was void of Rob Gronkowski and Josh Gordon at different points. All of that matters. The overall takeaway here shouldn’t be that someone thinks Prescott is better than Brady. But there is a misconception among some Cowboys fans that Dak is horrible and not functional, this exercise proves that at the very least he’s comparable to Tom Brady, of all people, in his most recent nine games. Nothing is apples to apples, but there’s a lot of fruit to be looked at overall. Let’s make sure we’re looking with an open mind. […]

  • Cowboys negotiations with Dak Prescott take a big step forward
    by Dave Halprin on May 23, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    It’s getting serious between the Cowboys and Dak Prescott. The old saying goes - it takes two to tango. Well, the Cowboys and Dak Prescott are officially tangoing. It was a few few weeks ago we learned that the Cowboys had presented an initial offer to Dak Prescott’s camp to open their negotiations on a new deal. In general, it’s thought that the deal will average at least $30 million a year, although Bill Barnwell predicted $32 million a year. To get to some kind of agreement, the Prescott camp would need to enter the fray. According to Prescott, they have. Dallas made the first offer. Prescott said Wednesday that his representatives have responded with a counterproposal. ”I can’t really say,” Prescott said when asked how close the proposals were. “It’s one from each side. This is my first time doing this. Ask me in a few years, and I’ll be able to tell you, ‘OK, we’ve sent this one and they’ve sent this one. We’re about to get it done.’ But as of right now, I’m learning the process, too, and just letting my team handle their business.” Prescott is playing it cool and staying out of the mix, at least publicly. That’s exactly as he should do. At this point of the negotiations there is nothing to gain from commenting one way or the other. He surely believes he is worthy of a large payday, and there’s no shortage of observers who believe he is worthy, although Prescott surely has his detractors, too. The Cowboys have already made it clear they will be signing Prescott to a new deal, if they didn’t they would have to start all over again either with a draft pick or a free agent, unless they’ve miraculously concluded Mike White or Cooper Rush are the real deal. That’s not something the team would really want to do with such a talented roster in place. So they are ride or die with Prescott, now they just need to work his contract into the mix with the other star players they need to sign. One thing Prescott seems to have made clear is that he’s not about a discount contract; he’s been working under that for three years. Sounds like he wants what the market numbers say. “I think when you look at numbers, I think a lot of it’s about the market,” Prescott said. “I don’t really pay attention to any of that. I come in and prove myself each and every day to these other guys in this locker room. That’s the only thing that I have to worry about. ”I know if I’m doing that and getting better, good things happen. That’s out of my focus. As I’ve said before, I’ve got a great team in place to handle that, and it will get done eventually.” Now that the Prescott camp has responded to the Cowboys initial proposal, the game is truly afoot. It’s not a matter of if, just when. […]


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