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  • And we are live!
    by SB Nation NFL on August 11, 2020 at 7:17 pm

    Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports Welcome to Coral. Hello, all. Today, we’ve launched our new commenting platform, Coral, on this site. You can try it out below, or on any article here. As the pre-launch article said, we know it’s missing a few key pieces that might be important to you, and we’re continually evolving and improving it. Just like when we launched the previous platform, on day one it wasn’t perfect (in fact, almost everyone told us they hated it), and so we’re asking for a little patience as we grow. We’re launching here first to learn what matters most to you, to help us learn and develop the next set of features. We already have a bunch of improvements in the pipeline, which will be released before the season begins. And do keep tell using what you like and what you want to see more of (respectfully, please) – we’re here and we’re listening. There are a bunch of new things we think you’ll like: you can change the default sort across articles (Newest, Oldest, Most Recs, Most Replies), ignore annoying commenters (just click on their name), you can embed Twitter and YouTube really easily (just drop in the URL, no need to find the embed code), and we even allow you to Rec yourself (be sure to check yourself first.) Also, don’t panic: comments are only temporarily disabled on FanPosts – they’ll be back –and your old comments will return too, we’ve just archived them for now. This is all part of a big investment in SB Nation communities, and we will continue to evolve the platform over the coming months and years to support you, the best fan communities on the internet. We’ve written an FAQ to cover most of the common questions about how the system works, and we know you’ll let us know below what you think. Also, here’s an update on the features and improvements we’re already working on. This site is great because you are. Thank you for being here.

  • Ryan Kerrigan press conference: I want to be here through the good and bad and I want the all-time franchise sack record
    by Bill-in-Bangkok on August 11, 2020 at 4:09 pm

    He also thinks the name change is “kinda cool” Ryan Kerrigan stepped up to the microphone on Tuesday to talk about a range of topics in a quick-paced media session with local beat reporters. As Kerrigan enters his tenth year in the league, he talked about how “weird” this off-season has been — and don’t forget that he was drafted in the 2011 lockout year. Kerrigan talked about his teammates, spending time answering questions about Chase Young and Dwayne Haskins in particular, but he also talked quite a bit about himself, his goals and his future with the team. Ryan Kerrigan wasn’t shy about saying that he wants to set the franchise all-time sack record this season as part of achieving all of his goals. He reiterated that he likes being a Washington player and that he hopes to stay around beyond 2020, which is a contract year for him. He discussed the challenges of continuing to impress people as an ‘older’ player, and spoke frankly about the need to impress the new coaching staff. The veteran defensive end also talked about his role as a leader, saying that he’s never been particularly vocal, but that he has always tried to lead by example, and that he has found that many of the younger players like Chase Young are eager for knowledge about how to take care of their bodies and stay healthy year after year. Kerrigan says he has shared his experiences freely. This discussion led to a question about the end of Kerrigan’s “iron man” streak of consecutive games that had dated back to his 2011 rookie season, but which came to an end with an injury last year. Kerrigan talked about being disappointed, but also philosophical, saying that all he can do is get back to work. He also talked about leadership and teamwork in protecting everyone in the organization from the COVID pandemic, saying that the protocols at Ashburn are strict enough to maintain everyone’s health, and that the real concern is what people do away from the headquarters. He almost laughed about being settled down with a family, saying that he and other older players pretty much stay at home with the family every night anyway, and that he imagines that it’s more of a struggle for the young single guys on the team. Of course, he wasn’t going to get away from the podium without a question about the name change, and RyKer surprised me a little bit by saying that the Washington Football Team moniker is “kinda cool”. He said that he sometimes slips and still refers to the team as the Redskins, but that he’s open to the new direction. This was a good interview with a guy who clearly commands respect from his teammates, his coaches and the media members asking the questions. There was an underlying tone of recognition in the Q&A session of Ryan Kerrigan being closer to the end of his career than the beginning, but it was a discussion that the player didn’t shy away from. He clearly has come to grips with his leadership role, his changing on-field role, and the challenges of proving to everyone that he still has what it takes to get it done on an NFL playing field. He seems to be positive, upbeat, looking forward to the coming season, and signing another contract that will keep him in Washington going forward. Training Camp Press Conference - Ryan Kerrigan https://t.co/MXFn6R9wEI— Washington Football Team (@WashingtonNFL) August 11, 2020 The weirdest part Ryan Kerrigan said the weirdest part of training camp so far is the fact it's Aug. 11 and they haven't even put helmets on.— Rhiannon Walker (@InstantRHIplay) August 11, 2020 RyKer https://t.co/j5PS5ES7XI— Bill-in-Bangkok (@billhorgan2005) August 11, 2020 The defense Kerrigan said the defensive front is deep and they have a chance to be good up front on the interior and edge.— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 11, 2020 The franchise sack record Ryan Kerrigan says he plans on being a playmaker for Washington in 2020. On approaching Washington's sack record: "I want it."— Matthew Paras (@Matthew_Paras) August 11, 2020 Ryan Kerrigan when asked about role for this season says “I plan on being a playmaker”— John Keim (@john_keim) August 11, 2020 Kerrigan is 1.5 sacks away from being the franchise leader. Obviously, he said, he wants to get the record. It's just another goal that he has on his list for 2020.— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 11, 2020 DE Ryan Kerrigan likes that there's a lot of competition at DE this season, but he's also still hoping to set the Washington franchise sack record. He's one away from DE Dexter Manley (91)."I want it."— Sam Fortier (@Sam4TR) August 11, 2020 Football Teamer for life staying in DC https://t.co/vaVIQet5RW— Bill-in-Bangkok (@billhorgan2005) August 11, 2020 Kerrigan says he’s made it clear privately and publicly that he wants to remain here. “Want to show the coaches I’m someone they can rely on.”— John Keim (@john_keim) August 11, 2020 Ryan Kerrigan believes the coaching staff wants to see if he can still play. He wants to prove he can be a difference maker and make plays.— Rhiannon Walker (@InstantRHIplay) August 11, 2020 Ryan Kerrigan said you "have to humble yourself" to come to grips with still having to prove yourself at this stage. "what you did for many years doesn't matter as much when trying to prove yourself for this season."— John Keim (@john_keim) August 11, 2020 The interruption to the iron-man streak Ryan Kerrigan saw his consecutive game streak end last season with a concussion. He's had time to reflect on it: "It bums me out that it's done. ... I really took pride in being available for every game."— Matthew Paras (@Matthew_Paras) August 11, 2020 Iron man streak https://t.co/wBj0MOPduu— Bill-in-Bangkok (@billhorgan2005) August 11, 2020 Coping with COVID COVID https://t.co/apDN0IAJ4P— Bill-in-Bangkok (@billhorgan2005) August 11, 2020 COVID https://t.co/3qJ0tppj59— Bill-in-Bangkok (@billhorgan2005) August 11, 2020 Dwayne Haskins More Haskins on Dwayne: "Quarterbacks are generally viewed as leaders, and I think Dwayne has those qualities."— Kyle Stackpole (@kylefstackpole) August 11, 2020 on Haskins https://t.co/YeR7mb32sz— Bill-in-Bangkok (@billhorgan2005) August 11, 2020 Locker room leadership leadership https://t.co/GMGNaV8HSP— Bill-in-Bangkok (@billhorgan2005) August 11, 2020 Chase Young Chase Young https://t.co/YeR7mb32sz— Bill-in-Bangkok (@billhorgan2005) August 11, 2020 The name change is “kinda cool” name change https://t.co/1ZV2EfYQB4— Bill-in-Bangkok (@billhorgan2005) August 11, 2020 DE Ryan Kerrigan says he catches himself using Washington's old team name sometimes, but he doesn't mind the change. "I'm cool with it. The [new] name's kind of cool. ... I got to be part of one tradition, and I get to be part of a new tradition moving forward."— Sam Fortier (@Sam4TR) August 11, 2020

  • Daily Slop: Alex Smith could make ‘interesting’ battle for practice reps; Former WR Josh Morgan donates kidney to brother during pandemic
    by Philip Hughes on August 11, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images A daily collection of articles from around the web Dan Snyder accuses former employee of 'deliberate and coordinated campaign' to damage him - Washington TimesIn a filing in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, Dan Snyder accused Mary-Ellen Blair, a former executive assistant, of taking money and coordinating a campaign to damage his reputation. Alex Smith could make 'interesting' battle for QB practice reps with Dwayne Haskins | NBC Sports WashingtonTraining camp should be a major opportunity for Dwayne Haskins to get a lot of work with new offensive coordinator Scott Turner and the new playbook, but if Alex Smith is healthy, the reps for Haskins might shrink. Former Washington wide receiver Josh Morgan donates kidney to brother during pandemic - The Washington PostThe former NFL player helped save his younger sibling's life. Washington RB Adrian Peterson Wakes Up With GMFBNFL Legend and current Washington runningback Adrian Peterson spoke with the cast of GMFB on Friday. Derrius Guice is gone, but Washington still has options at running back - Washington Blog- ESPNAdrian Peterson, Peyton Barber and J.D. McKissic now have a clear path to roles, with youngsters Antonio Gibson and Bryce Love also in the mix. So what's the difference between Derrius Guice and Reuben Foster? Ron Rivera explains | NBC Sports WashingtonRon Rivera said Washington had no choice but to cut RB Derrius Guice. He's right. Still, it's tricky to reconcile that decision with what happened with LB Reuben Foster about 48 hours later. Let's have a conversation about expectations when it comes to Reuben Foster | NBC Sports WashingtonWashington fans are excited that Reuben Foster is off PUP, and rightly so. But the linebacker still has a ways to go before truly making an impact on the defense, so expectations should be managed. Washington Football to let fans help decide new hashtag after failed first attempt | NBC Sports WashingtonWashington Football attempted to unveil a new hashtag Sunday morning, and it didn't work out as planned. Now, fans will have the chance to put their input. Spring college football would 'really change some things' for Washington's draft preparation | NBC Sports WashingtonRon Rivera and Kyle Smith seemed prepared for whatever the college football season throws their way. Derrius Guice's career in Washington consisted of much more promise than production | NBC Sports WashingtonDerrius Guice’s career with Washington is over before it ever really took off. Here’s a look back on his time with the team and a discussion on how he’ll be remembered.

  • The Only Thing That Never Changes Is Change
    by Ken Meringolo on August 11, 2020 at 2:27 pm

    Photo by Ute Grabowsky/Photothek via Getty Images Hogs Haven commenting system and user experience is going to have a different look. Scott Jennings and I had a conversation recently, and I asked him, “With a raging global pandemic that has all but cancelled sports as we know it, and the battle for racial equality really heating up across America—not to mention the economic disparities that exist among us and the true pain being felt by families far and wide—on top of the disgusting and despicable scandal rocking our favorite team’s front office that is duking it out with a name change for top billing in the local and national headlines...how can we make 2020 suck harder?” After a thoughtful pause, Scott said, “Well...we could f**k with the way our readers interact with us and each other on the site.” BOOM! Since I took over Hogs Haven (with my main man Ewoldt) back in 2009, things have changed quite a bit. The look and feel of this site has evolved many times over, and almost always for better. From the front-page layout, to the manner in which we converse with each other about our favorite sport and team, SB Nation has invested heavily in the daily experience we enjoy. This is a good spot to take a breath and say thank you to everyone who has made Hogs Haven so enjoyable over all these years. After all, if folks didn’t take the time to read posts like this, and comment on just about everything under the sun, it simply wouldn’t work. All of this to say that our commenting system is changing (many of you have already learned this by visiting other sites over the past week or two). Our system is propped up on the vestiges of medieval online infrastructure. The changes we are undergoing now are meant to address shortcomings on the mobile side as well as those on the back end. As Fletch might tell us if he were here to guide us on this, “It’s all in the back end these days, folks.” This is a work in progress, y’all. As such, it won’t be easy, and it won’t be pretty out of the gate. That is the nature of changing something while it remains online. I know that some of you will be upset by changes here, and I am sorry. I want you to know that the same people who have been making everything we have done for the last decade possible are working their butts off to keep the lights on and to get us to where we need to be to make all the things we want to do possible in the future. Andrew Losowsky, who is the head of Coral, the new commenting system we will be implementing, answered some questions in this FAQs post over at SB Nation’s flagship site — from new features to some problems that will still be worked through. As somebody who has almost never been excited about a change to Hogs Haven, I can tell you that I have pretty much ALWAYS ended up understanding and enjoying the changes made by one of the best teams in the business over there at SB Nation HQ. You know...I am already laughing about how we will one day be mad when they change Coral to...whatever the next thing is. Until then...keep calm and let’s get through this godforsaken year! Stay safe and healthy, y’all!

  • Announcement: We have a new commenting system coming today
    by SB Nation NFL on August 11, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    Photo by Nicole Fridling/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Coral will launch on Hogs Haven this afternoon. Today is a big day for Hogs Haven commenters: we’re going to be moving our comments to a brand new platform. This site is part of the first series of sites in the rollout. Yeah, we hate change too. Here’s why we’re doing it: we’ve been using the same commenting platform for more than a decade, and the tools from our earliest days aren’t built for the modern web. Making fixes and improvements to the original system gets tougher every year, and it’s not sustainable moving forward. And so we’re starting out with a new tool, called Coral. It’s not complete yet, but it does have many custom features that have been on many of our wish lists for years. We know it’ll take a bit of getting used to. We ask only that you give it a chance, try it on a few articles, and then tell us honestly what you think. This is a constant work in progress – we know it’s missing a few key pieces that might be important to you, and we’re continually evolving and improving it. Check out the latest about those coming improvements below. Just like when we launched the previous platform, ten years ago, on day one it wasn’t perfect, so we’re asking for a little patience as we grow. We’re going live now to learn what matters most to you, to help us learn and develop the next set of features. We already have a bunch of improvements in the pipeline. Tell us what you like and what you want to see (respectfully, please) – we’re here and we’re listening. This is part of a big investment in SB Nation communities, and we will continue to evolve the platform over the coming months and years to support you, the best fan communities on the internet. Some important information about the launch: Your old comment history won’t be migrated on day one, but we’ve kept it safe and will be bringing it back. We’ll be temporarily removing comments from FanPosts and FanShots, as well. We appreciate your patience through these changes. The new platform will be on all our articles on this site starting this afternoon, using the same login as always. Thanks as always for being here.


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