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2019 offensive potential Arizona Cardinals draft preview

arizona cardinals draft hopeful

How can the Arizona Cardinals attack the 2019 NFL Draft?Cardinals Collectables
That’s been a question that has been asked repeatedly since they walked off the field within Seattle.
Then, they fired Dorrie Wilks and the question continued.
They hired Kliff Kingsbury and the query was completely flipped on the head.
What would Kliff Kingsbury want in offensive players? Exactly how would he run an offense? What would be brought from your college game?
Well, we won’t find any of that out there until August, but what we will discover out, at least to begin to, is exactly what types of players the Arizona Cardinals will look to acquire for the Kliff Kingsbury era.
We started with a consider the offensive prospects and this is an amazing draft.

(4: 50) Wide receivers
(38: 36) Offensive line
(52: 33) Limited ends
(1: 02: 39) Working backs
(1: 10: 58) Digging in Tramaine Brock

So much has changed for the Cardinals I am looking forward to the year and what all this talent will bring. Go Cardinals.

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