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Atlanta Falcons managed the fewest receiving yards in a season while leading the team?

I will not lie to you: Plumbing the absolute depths of this team's history for trivia questions that are either challenging or even will have you learning something new usually does not lead me to content places. Hence questions like these are hard to find.

Present trivia item as you cruise directly into what I sincerely hope is a long holiday weekend is this: Who maintained the fewest receiving yards in one season while still leading the Falcons in the category?Atlanta Falcons Gear

Let's end up being clear that this total is quite lower, even for the era we're talking about. The man in question posted three periods of over 1, 000 back yards and was one of the better receivers of his era, though their best days were behind your pet by the time he arrived in Atlanta.

Guys came reasonably close to this tag as recently as the late eighties, with more than one player leading the particular Falcons in receiving with only a tick over 500 yards. When you might anticipate, though, the man he is talking about here played in the initial decade or so of this team's background, when their passing games are not the assured attacks they'd turn out to be with Steve Bartkowski and Alfred Jenkins, nor the 90s devices with Andre Rison and Terance Mathis, and certainly not the He Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White barrages we're used to these days.
If you know the answer, let's hear this. As always, guess wildly first, examine the comments second.

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