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Falcons trivia: Who were the only combination instructors and GMs in Falcons background?

More than their first 32 years in operation, the Falcons had nine common managers/head personnel executives. Over the past sixteen, they've had two. All but among those executives have served multiple many years in their roles, however , and all yet two of them were bonafide professionals without direct control over the roster as a head coach.
Today's trivia question concerns those two guys. One served for just a single period in the role, while the other successfully had control over both for several seasons. One is fondly remembered then one, if he's remembered at all, is typically not so fondly remembered. One presided over a largely forgettable offseason plus season, while the other is associated with some of the franchise's most important successes plus player acquisitions. And so on.
If you think you might have the answers, drop them within the comments before reading everyone else's responses. I look forward to seeing your very best guesses.

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