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Panther fans, we need YOU!

carolina panthers cat scratch

We have been considered the voice of the enthusiast here at ProFanGear and talk every day about how the Panthers are doing–whether they'll win their particular upcoming game or how Panthers fans feel about that awful contact from the referees. This year we're ongoing our FanPulse polling project which will pull together the insights of the very plugged-in Panthers fans. If that will describes you, then to join me and other knowledgeable followers (including some other ProFanGear contributors) on other sites.

If you sign up, you'll be among the hand-selected group from Cat Scuff Reader who answers quick forms each week developed by SB Nation. We would like to continue building the definitive forms of informed Panthers fans, such as you. Your votes will be anonymous–though if you join, you're welcome to inform anyone you like. The results of each vote will be published by ProFanGear and may end up on SBNation. com also along with the results from additional team sites.
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