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Cowboys get DeMarcus Lawrence for a good price

dallas cowboys demarcus lawrence price

Every side is trying to work the best offer and that’ s okay. The particular standoff between the Dallas Cowboys plus DeMarcus Lawrence is still in progress without a clear end in sight. We are all expecting that changes before the 2019 time of year begin; maybe even a little premature if a conditional shoulder surgery needs to be completed. It’ s an irritating time for fans because we all need the team’ s All-Pro advantage rusher signed to a long term deal, therefore, he’ s a happy RV when training camp rolls about. Yesterday, we talked about how Lawrence is completely within his right to wish his big payday and how the particular Cowboys need to make sure they close the offer soon. Today, we’ re looking at the other side of the coin where the front office does what good front offices perform – preserve cap space.

There are various fans supportive of Team Lawrence and feel this charade offers drug out long enough. Why doesn’ t the team just pay out him? Has he not demonstrated his value to this football group? The team’ s lack of dedication towards Lawrence is perceived simply by some as a sign of disrespect as if the front office just does’ t feel he’ s really worth what he’ s asking. Yet this current stalemate has nothing to do with the particular Cowboys believing he’ s not really worth it. If it was up to Jerry Jones, he’ d pay your pet a ridiculous amount of money to remain with all the Cowboys, but it’ s not really that simple. The front office is restricted to the rules of the salary cover that is in place to help ensure aggressive balance within the league.

The Cowboys aren’ t trying to be inexpensive on the Lawrence deal because they don’ t feel he’ s worthwhile. They know he is. They are simply trying to fight for a more affordable cost that will enable them to retain other players too. These are the boundaries they are facing. Any extra few million that will go to Tank is a few million they don’ t have individuals on the team. And with several other superstar players commanding big deals shortly, any type of savings they can achieve is certainly significant. The front office has a whole team to think about and they have to make challenging decisions all the time that they feel will give themselves the best chance to earn.

Is it greedy for Lawrence to get as much as he can? Absolutely not. He’s earned it. And if that places the Cowboys in a bind exactly where they have to challenge themselves on how a lot they’d be willing to commit towards him, so be it. That’ s the whole purpose of the cover – to force teams for making those tough decisions where occasionally they have to part ways with some of the talent. But at the same time, it’s not disrespectful for the Cowboys to attempt to work the best deal. They are obligated to repay it to the team. A misstep here or there and the group suffers.
When hearing that the 2 sides are still far apart this puts a little fear in some followers as they wonder if an eventual separation and divorce could be on the horizon. That’ s not really going happen. The two sides should come together and agree eventually. It’ s just a staring contest today and nobody is willing to blink. Both Jerry and Stephen Jones have plenty of experience with this. They have got no intention of letting their own young star edge rusher break free. Stephen still remains positive in spite of not being close to striking the deal.


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