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Cowboys on Earl Thomas


We're just a few days away from the beginning of free agency and the Earl Jones pursuit. Free agency is just around the corner, this week is going to be a thrilling time.
There are some names that Cowboys supporters have circled on a list because people that they want to wear the glowing blue and silver. Odds are high that will Earl Thomas sits atop your own, and potentially even the one on the Star in Frisco.
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A feeling how the Cowboys might no longer be interested continues to be circling around social media, but that will doesn’ t seem to be the case. Based on Ian Rapoport the Cowboys are usually “ by no means” out from the Thomas discussion.

The money will be a major issue at times like these and Earl likely wants a lot. Going away from this tweet of Jane Slater’ s, some things need to modify if this is going to come to fruition.

We’ ll see just what kind of provide the Cowboys are willing to present to Thomas, the particular agent-driven discussions of this process possess the world believing that he wants to become the highest-paid safety in the NFL. That’ s definitely possible, but the scenario with the safety market is going to certainly influence the way that some men are paid. Perhaps no place on the free agent market offers as much depth and quality since the safety position. If teams are prepared to wait on the top-tier players simply because they feel they can still get high quality from the next tier, prices can come down.

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