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Cowboys pleased with the George Iloka signing


They may not be dominating the headlines, however, the Cowboys are doing okay in free of charge agency. Last Saturday night the particular sports world was on fire using the NCAA Tournament and a riveting sport in the AAF going on. It was a great time to have some wings and a couple of TVs.
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In the middle of all that the Based in Dallas Cowboys made a move! Finally, they signed a safety, and it also was the most recent visit. George Iloka officially became a Cowboy within the less common, but still valued Sunday night news dump.
We discussed the move here at BTB, plus there was a lot of discussion regarding the most recent member of Kris Richard’ s supplementary. We even ran a vote and general consensus is that it was solid, although not elite, move by Cowboys.

This has been the reaction to the majority of Cowboys moves when you really think about this. They play it safe, research the situation long and hard, plus ultimately do something that makes sense yet isn’ t super sexy. Based in Dallas isn’ t going for flash plus pizzazz, they’ re going for something reliable and sturdy. That’s exactly what this is.
The Cowboys joined the offseason with glaring requirements at tight end, safety, slot machine receiver, and defensive tackle. They've added Jason Witten, George Iloka, Randall Cobb, and Alfredia Covington. Those are legitimate Saturday-afternoon-chores levels of productive work.
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