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Cowboys Update on Robert Quinn

dallas cowboys robert quinn discussion

The particular Robert Quinn situation could have a while to work itself out. The particular NFL owners meetings are taking place out in Phoenix which means essential people throughout the league are having essential discussions.
It’ s often right here where deals are struck upward, or at least the framework for possible negotiations begins. This is interesting for your Cowboys these days as they are considered in discussions with the Miami Dolphins for defensive end Robert Quinn.

dallas cowboys jerseysWe saw the Cowboys sponsor Quinn on a visit last week, the particular tricky thing is he’s still under contract with the Dolphins. Miami has openly said that they’re down to trade him, yet teams have to reach agreement upon trade value and Quinn’ t people have to agree to terms together with his new team. He’ ll probably get a contract extension wherever this individual signs, so discussions have to take location.

While Quinn is not officially a part of the Cowboys yet, there are many folks who believe it’ s only an issue of time. He’ s reportedly already been linked to the New Orleans Saints by way of visiting all of them as well, but an update upon Monday shows that things are still greatly up in the air.

Chris Grier states he hasn’ t spoken in order to New Orleans about Robert Quinn in a week or so but they have the authorization to speak to the player. Adds other groups have shown an interest of late. And even states if the Dolphins have to keep your pet, they will.

Chris Grier is the Dolphins GM, and it really does seem like he’ s extremely available to Quinn finding a new home. The entire we will keep your pet if we have to bit appears like a tactic to imply that they’ re not going to give him up for simply anything, a lot of time has gone by given that word of them being willing to proceed him first surfaced.
We’ll all see what ultimately happens along with Quinn and the Cowboys or whomever else. For now it looks like it’ s going to be more of the exact same, lots of waiting and waiting.

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