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Getting Robert Quinn has Cowboys excited

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Obtain pumped! After over a week associated with waiting for the Dallas Cowboys lastly landed Robert Quinn on Thurs. Good for them.
The move provides Dallas much-needed depth at the protective end which is something you can not have enough of. The state of the complete rush was a buzz

A recap of everything going on in the world of the Dallas Cowboys these days. Unfortunately talks are focused around the contract situation of DeMarcus Lawrence, what’ s fair and exactly what makes sense? The guys get into it all, in addition, their reactions to the latest rule changes.

Dallas Cowboys

Thursday was quite busy for your Dallas Cowboys as news of these obtaining a new pass rusher began to break. We recorded this prior to the compensation for Robert Quinn had been known (a 2020 sixth-round pick), but landing him, in general, will be a major move for the Cowboys. Check out the newest episode as we discuss why and exactly how it helps give Dallas a bit of power across the defensive line.

Cowboys lose option

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