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Dolphins roster Jerome Baker

jersey miami dolphinsEven as we continue our look at the Dolphins roster, today we look at the defensive part of the ball with a linebacker, Jerome Baker. The second-year player can be coming off a good rookie time of year and expectations should be high when he improves in his second year having a head coach that believes within him.

2018 Review

The Dolphins selected Baker in the third circular out of Ohio State and had been reunited with former teammate, Raekwon McMillan. Baker appeared in all sixteen games last season and was only available in 11 of them. He recorded seventy-nine tackles, 3 sacks, and one interception.


Signed a four calendar year contract worth $3, 809, two hundred and received a $975, two hundred signing bonus; Salary cap amount $3, 809, 200 (via OverTheCap. com).
Why he will progress
Rookies typically show improvement heading to their second year and there is confidence about the second year linebacker. John Flores has praised Baker almost all offseason and believes the younger player provides a ton of flexibility on defense. Baker has bulked up and is expected to be carrying out a ton of different things, hence the term versatile. He is young and can end up being molded by the new coaching staff members, to become the player they envision.

Exactly why he might regress

dolphin T-shirtsMaybe Baker challenges to pick up the new system set up simply by Flores and Patrick Graham plus being asked to do too many issues is too much for him. This individual did allow 39 completions, from 49, in coverage last period and that was considered his power coming out of college. He needs to enhance in that area.
Chances of making the particular 53-man roster

Baker is producing the team, 100%. The new training staff loves the versatility can bring to the defense as a younger, athletic linebacker.


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