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Houston Texans 2019


Your own one-stop shop for Houston Texans, nearby sports, and news from across the league for Houston Texans NewsTexans Bestselling Gear
Wearing down Texans QB A. J. McCarron’s $3 million contract (Houston Chronicle)
Texans sign LT Shiny Kalil to 1-year contract (Houston Chronicle)
NFL News
Patriots GHT Rob Gronkowski announces retirement (NFL. com)
Onside kick alternative gets just one no vote (NFL. com)
Brady, NFL community congratulate Gronkowski (NFL. com)
Is Rob Gronkowski the greatest TE in NFL background? (NFL. com)
Manziel makes short AAF debut as Express best Iron (NFL. com)
Giants proprietor: Trading OBJ was ‘ reluctant’ decision (NFL. com)
McDermott upon Bills RBs: ‘ Iron’ s i9000 gonna sharpen iron’ (NFL. com)
Ex-Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin heading off after 10 years (NFL. com)
Previous Patriots WR Mitchell announces pension (NFL. com)
Houston & School Sports
James Harden deserves in order to repeat as MVP (The Desire Shake)

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Cowboys pleased with the George Iloka signing


They may not be dominating the headlines, however, the Cowboys are doing okay in free of charge agency. Last Saturday night the particular sports world was on fire using the NCAA Tournament and a riveting sport in the AAF going on. It was a great time to have some wings and a couple of TVs.
Dallas Cowboys Banner Fanchest
In the middle of all that the Based in Dallas Cowboys made a move! Finally, they signed a safety, and it also was the most recent visit. George Iloka officially became a Cowboy within the less common, but still valued Sunday night news dump.
We discussed the move here at BTB, plus there was a lot of discussion regarding the most recent member of Kris Richard’ s supplementary. We even ran a vote and general consensus is that it was solid, although not elite, move by Cowboys.

This has been the reaction to the majority of Cowboys moves when you really think about this. They play it safe, research the situation long and hard, plus ultimately do something that makes sense yet isn’ t super sexy. Based in Dallas isn’ t going for flash plus pizzazz, they’ re going for something reliable and sturdy. That’s exactly what this is.
The Cowboys joined the offseason with glaring requirements at tight end, safety, slot machine receiver, and defensive tackle. They've added Jason Witten, George Iloka, Randall Cobb, and Alfredia Covington. Those are legitimate Saturday-afternoon-chores levels of productive work.
Cowboys T-Shirts Neon

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Cowboys active second week of free agency


Have a look at today’ s latest and finest news surrounding America’ s group! Mini film room: What basic safety George Iloka would bring to the particular Dallas Cowboys’ defense.
Read up on a searching report from SportsDay’ s personal John Owning on safety George Iloka who visited with the Cowboys on Friday.

Why Randall Cobb was an excellent signing for the Dallas Cowboys: Kenneth Wilson, The Landry Headwear
Randall Cobb officially signed using the Cowboys on Thursday, here’s why that was a great signing just for both parties.Cowboys Hats

Not only can Cobb be a very productive receiver, but he is also an experienced presence in a locker room centered by youth. He should be a relaxing presence where your main trio associated with Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper are all 25-years old or even younger. It is also worth noting not only is he a veteran with this game, but he is also a champ and although it was in his first year season, he knows what it seems like and that matters.
Outside of his general effect on the team as a whole, the worth Cobb presents for a young broad receiver core is immense. Pertaining to Cooper, Michael Gallup, and the coming back Allen Hurns, he could be something they have never had in their particular wide receiver room’ s upon any teams they’ ve performed for, a winner and respected experienced.
For someone like Tavon Austin tx, Cobb could be the key to lastly help unlock all that potential explosiveness that got him to this point, all things considered, he can be seen as a smaller, faster, perhaps even more explosive version from the newest Cowboy receiver.

Lastly, plus probably more important than anything, Cobb is another safety blanket for Prescott. With the re-addition of tight finish Jason Witten, the team’ t newest addition provides Dak along with another break in case of an emergency-type option on big plays, large downs, and simply when things require off script. This was the lacking element for Prescott last time of year, his first without Witten, which was an option he could count on whenever all else failed.

As I mentioned before, the particular Dallas Cowboys are returning their particular top two options on the outside within Amari Cooper, who is the By wide receiver and Michael Gallup, the Z receiver. Both gamers will go into week one since the starters at their respective jobs in two-wide receiver formations.
In spite of some of the overthrows from Dak Prescott to Michael Gallup, Gallup a new really nice rookie season and improved as the year went along, actually leading the Cowboys in getting in the playoff loss to the La Rams. In that game, Gallup documented the first 100-yard game associated with his career. Sure, it was so that they can come back by the Dallas Cowboys, however, it is impressive nonetheless. His landing catch against the Seattle Seahawks the particular week before was clutch. The particular Cowboys needed to take the particular lead at the end of the first half. 2018 was only the beginning for Erina Gallup. He showed a capability to win with a full offseason to utilize Dak Prescott, their chemistry plus connection should only improve.

One player the Cowboys should include prior to the 2019 draft – Danny Phantom, Blogging the Boys
Along with free agency starting the reduce, and the draft coming up, here’ h BTB’ s own Danny Phantom with one player the Cowboys should look to add before.

More on the Cowboys:

Cowboys defensive tackle

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The Pros and Cons of getting back Cowboys Jason Witten

dallas cowboys jason whitten comback

Witten is back for the Cowboys, but what’ s the impact? As free agency slows down, we’ re going to take a look back at their signings and evaluate the good and the bad of each. To kick off this series, we’ ll look at the signing of Jason Witten.


Jason Witten retired in 2018

Cowboys CollectablesOpting for the commentator’ s booth on Monday Night Football. The Cowboys tried to compensate for that in 2018 by using the group of Geoff Swaim, Blake Jarwin, Dalton Schultz and Rico Gathers, with mixed results. Swaim was the primary starter and was just starting to find a groove when he hurt his wrist and ended up on injured reserve. He has left the team in free agency. Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz took over and while both had their moments, especially Jarwin’s three-touchdown explosion to close the regular season, neither were doing enough to cement their status as the guy. Rico Gathers has yet to show that his physical gifts will translate to production on the field.
Heading into free agency, the tight end position was still considered a high need for the Cowboys. Fans were interested in pursing Jared Cook or Tyler Eifert, or looking at the draft for a falling tight end like maybe an Irv Smith. Everyone was shocked when Jason Witten unretired and returned to the Cowboys.

The deal

Witten signed a one-year deal that has no guaranteed money. His base salary is $2 million and he will earn a bonuses of up to $1. 25 million for being on the 53-man roster and bonuses of up to $1 million for being active on game day. His cap hit for 2019 is $4. 25 million, and he can earn another $750, 000 in bonuses.

The Pros

The Cowboys have an experienced tight end back that will provide a more reliable target on third down.
Witten is a leader off-the-field and has a work ethic that motivates others.
Dallas is freed up from having to spend long-term resources in free agency or the draft while seeing if Jarwin or Schultz can develop.
New offensive coordinator Kellen Moore knows exactly what he’ s getting in Witten and the best way to utilize him.
Witten has reportedly agreed that his role will be more limited than in the past.
He isn’t he blocker he once was, but Witten is still a reliable player in that role.

The Cons

By the time the season begins, will be 37 years old.
He spent the last year out of football so will need to work himself back into game shape and knock off rust.
When Witten retired, it was already apparent he was slowing down and was no longer the elite tight end he once was for the Cowboys.
With his signing, the idea of getting an explosive, play-making tight end is on hold.
He could be viewed as a progress-stopper for players like Jarwin and Schultz if the Cowboys become too reliant on Witten.
So what’ s your call BTB? How do you feel about the signing of Jason Witten? Vote in the poll and hit the comments.

Da' Cowboys Articles:

Obtaining Christian Covington a good move for the Cowboys

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Eagles and their fans are whimpering about the Cowboys?

dallas cowboys fans

This really is shocking and not at all normal! The particular NCAA Tournament is going on which means something, it’ s time for owners to get together and talk about various things at the annual proprietor's meetings.
It’ s at these types of meetings where a lot of change, in theory, occurs for the game we all love. Proprietors discuss various topics and worries that are happening within the league, plus among other things they propose new principle changes.Cowboys Collectables
In the days of 2019, there are several legitimate rules to discuss. There was certainly the missed call in the NFC Championship Game that likely restricted the New Orleans Saints from taking part in the Super Bowl. But whilst teams are focused on matters associated with such importance the Philadelphia Silver Eagles are doing what they do best, obsessing with all the Dallas Cowboys.

The league verified today that the Eagles submitted the proposal for a change in the little league resolutions that would have seen the Lions plus Cowboys continue to play on Thanksgiving holiday each year but to play on the road almost every other year.
The text of the Eagles’ offer read, “ to continue the yearly tradition of having Dallas and Of Detroit play on Thanksgiving, provided that among those clubs host a home game using the other club playing away, plus alternating home and away from online games each subsequent season.

Thanksgiving holiday within the NFL is a very special commodity. That the Silver Eagles would be obsessing over something therefore trivial isn’ t shocking, plus neither is it that they were ridiculous incorrect. Those who are capable of more advanced believed have already realized that there is no competitive benefit associated with the annual Thanksgiving Day video games for Dallas and Detroit.

We viewed the competitive aspect of it plus there’ s nothing that signifies an advantage gained that we can see simply by either Detroit or the Cowboys because they actually have a lower winning percentage because of Thursday game than they do on other home games. Yet you’d have to ask the particular Eagles as far their proposal.
Actually, the fact that NFL owners had to invest any time at all on this is quite disturbing for the Eagles. It seems petulant best case scenario to be complaining about the status of the Thursday game for Dallas plus Detroit as if it’ s some form of an advantage because it’ s in your own home.

Over the last five yrs, the Cowboys have actually been on the road 3 times in their game before Thanksgiving (New York in 2014, Miami within 2015, and Atlanta last season). That didn’ t stop our own friends at BGN from endeavoring to isolate a specific point to feed into this hilarity, though.

When Based in Dallas visited Philadelphia last season these were indeed coming off of that Tn game, a contest which you’ ll remember took place on a Mon night.
The Eagles were arriving off of their bye week at that time. That’ s right. Philly obtained two whole weeks of rest as the Cowboys were coming off of a brief week, but you don’ t discover Dallas trying to change any guidelines because they feel like there’s an amount of fundamental unfairness that is available.
Maybe that’ s the difference involving the Cowboys and Eagles, in that you are rational and one is not. Maybe that’ s just the difference between the entire world and the Eagles, who knows.

Go Cowboys:

Dallas Cowboys signing Covington

Cowboys lose Geoff Swaim to the Jaguars

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Rashaan Melvin formally signs with Detroit Lions

oakland raiders rashaann melvin leaves

Rashaan Melvin spent last year with the Raiders after being signed as a free of charge agent from the Colts, but which was a one-year deal and Melvin has found a new home right after signing with the Detroit Lions recently. Contract terms and details aren't known at this time.
Melvin took to Tweets after signing his deal together with a message for Raider Nation.'
Oakland Raiders Discount Gear

The Raiders have brought back several of their free agent players, however, it doesn’ t look like they produced any attempt to bring back Melvin, that will likely fill the hole remaining by Nevin Lawson, one of the most recent Raider defenders.

Melvin started 7 games for the Raiders last year, amassing 56 tackles and one interception. Melvin has bounced around since entering the league as an undrafted totally free agent from Northern Illinois, spending some time with Tampa Bay, Miami, Brand new England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, and Oakland. He seemed to fall out of favor with the Raiders’ coaching staff final season, but perhaps the Lions will receive a better year out of him opposing star CB Darius Slay.

Raider Nation Articles:

Antonio Brown Can he be productive

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Arizona Cardinals will pick Kyler Murray with first pick

arizona cardinals kyler murray talking

arizona cardinals jerseys5 short weeks, that is where we have been until the Arizona Cardinals take the podium in Nashville, Tennessee to make the initial pick in the 2019 NFL Set up.
Only a few weeks ago when we looked over the SB Nation 2019 Consensus Mock Draft the mind-boggling favorite was Nick Bosa with 55%, with only 27% taking a look at the potential of Kyler Murray. That was upon March 5, 2019.

Now the SB Nation 2019 NFL Consensus Mock Draft provides another pick, and this time it is far from even close, as Kyler Murray is the pick in 85% from the mock drafts from around the internet.

That is a massive number and Computer chip Bosa is now down to only 11%. There is a combination of picks garnering another 2%, but it seems at this point, the particular Arizona Cardinals, at least to those on the web, are taking Kyler Murray.

Sometimes, whenever things are too much of a consensus, it looks like it is unlikely.
We have five weeks left, we’ll all know more shortly.

Arizona Stories:

Cardinals free agent

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Bills Maurice Alexander in a one-year deal

buffalo bills maurice alexander

The particular Buffalo Bills have signed security Maurice Alexander to a one-year offer, reports Mike Rodak of ESPN. He also says the agreement is worth $1. 375 million.
It seems Alexander himself was the first in order to report the news:

Buffalo hosted Alexander on the visit earlier this week.Bills Gear

Alexander performed in nine games for the Seattle Seahawks a year ago but hasn’ big t started a game since 2017. Whilst he has 23 starts over their five-year NFL career, he would be considered a depth option at safety and also a special teamer for Buffalo, contending with Rafael Bush, Dean Marlowe, and Siran Neal for a part as a backup to Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer.

He had been picked by the then-St. Louis Rams in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He has two profession interceptions to go with a fumble recuperation and 118 tackles. He performed 113 special-teams snaps for the Seahawks in 2018, or about 29% of all the special teams play, yet didn’ t take a single breeze on defense. In 2017 using the Rams, he was in on 21% of the defensive snaps after actively playing 84% in 2016.

Bills Stories:

Bills 2019 free agent gossip


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Raiders sign QB Mike Glennon

oakland raiders sign mike glennon

One of the cap casualties for the Raiders this particular offseason was backup quarterback AJ McCarron. He was released last week, conserving the team around $5 mil in cap money. The group seemed opened to bringing McCarron back at a lower salary, yet he signed with Texans rather, leaving a hole at the back-up QB spot. That spot had been filled today with the signing associated with journeyman QB Mike Glennon.
Oakland Raiders Discount Gear

The particular 29-year-old is joining his 4th NFL team entering his 6th season. He was originally a 3rd round pick by the Buccaneers within the 2013 draft. After starting thirteen games as a rookie, he has begun just 9 games since.
Along with 22 career starts, Glennon offers completed 61% of his goes by for 5107 yards with thirty-five touchdowns and 20 interceptions. He or she spent last season with the Az Cardinals with 1 TD within two starts.

He will join Nathan Peterman to compete for the back-up spot behind starting QB Derek Carr.

Raider Stories:

Montez Sweat Combine tests revealed

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Randall Cobb is excited to be a Cowboy

dallas cowboys randall cobb2

In case Randall Cobb can deliver, Cowboys fans will be ecstatic. Thursday was obviously a fun day around the world of sports activities as the NCAA Tournament officially kicked off.
It meant more than that will to the Dallas Cowboys though because they officially inked their newest broad receiver, Randall Cobb, to an agreement. It’ s never official till pen meets paper as they say, and yes it can’t be undone at this point.

Cobb is indeed officially a member of the gold and blue which is good news for everyone. There are a lot of things to like about your pet which include his humble personality. Numerous members of the Green Bay Packers wished him well on his solution (including Aaron Rodgers), he appears like the perfect person for Jason Garrett’ s locker room.

The mothership’ s Lindsay Draper spoke in order to Randall on Thursday and he glowingly discussed his aspirations for this following chapter of his career. Cobb is ready to help the Cowboys earn another championship.
dallas cowboys jerseys
The best thing within sports is when the players that will play for your favorite team ensure it is all the more easy to root for them. Cobb is that type of guy and it’ s obvious only a few days directly into this whole thing. That’ s quite great.
If you’ re nevertheless on the fence about who Cobb is as a person take a look at the farewell message that he wrote to the Eco-friendly Bay Packers, everyone within that will organize, and all of their fans. He will get it.

The feeling I actually get when Packer fans may vividly remember where they were over the 4th down TD at Jewelry field. The Hail Mary capture. We have many memories we will discuss together for the rest of our lives. • Even with all of those memories, it will always be individuals that really made being a Packer particular.  I want to thank the people associated with Green Bay and the state associated with Wisconsin for sharing their home beside me for the past 8 years. I want to say thanks to the organization for believing in me personally, drafting me, and giving myself an opportunity to live out my dreams. I wish to thank the many coaches, trainers, power & conditioning staff, equipment staff members, community outreach, marketing, digital, plus everyone else I’m leaving away. You may think that you’ re simply doing your job, but in the process, you had been elevating me to be the best edition of myself.  To all the particular individuals working with the vast charitable organizations, my goal was to sincerely praise and bring light to the trigger.  Thank you to all my teammates over the years. I am nothing without every single one of you. Football is the best team game. All I actually wanted was to earn your own respect with the way I utilized, played, and worked. The connection we have created goes well over and above the playing field.  To a family, thank you for supporting me where ever I go and being our biggest fans! To my parents, a person sacrificed a lot to fuel their dreams. I hope I continue to make a person proud of.  To my wife, Aiyda, I’ m sorry to keep shifting you across the country but you have been the rock through the ups and downs.  In the long run, I can promise you that I provided you everything that I had, every time I actually walked out of the tunnel. It was a good honor to wear ‘The G and represent you all.  This was inevitable. All good things should come to an end. But this isn’ t the end of the story. Only at the end of this chapter.

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